Members of the Prince William Planning Commission:

I am writing to you today to express my support for the Kline Community Rezoning Application that you’ll be reviewing on July 10th. I support the project because it provides a great opportunity for our county to have a vibrant mixed use community that will engage the surrounding neighborhoods with its open spaces, parks, youth athletic fields, shopping, dining, and offices.

Additionally, the project will be providing over $7,000,000 in improvements to the Prince William Parkway, significantly improving traffic flow at the intersection of Liberia Avenue. This intersection is already in poor condition and the county has no plans to upgrade it in the near future. In cases like these, we should look to private industry to be a solution. I also understand that these improvements will be completed before any houses or commercial buildings are built. I think that this is a pretty big commitment from the developer. I also understand that Rt. 28 has its challenges and that the Prince William County Board of Supervisors is allowing the public to decide this November as to whether or not the county can issue bonds that will allow them to spend $300,000,000 on finally fixing Route 28. It is great to know that a solution is finally in the works.

Lastly, completion of the project will allow for the inclusion of land designated for a future elementary school site. I understand that the county school board has made this request of the developer and I am happy to see that they are complying. For all of the above reasons, I support the Kline Community Rezoning Application.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Kline Community

location Manassas, VA
The official site of Stanley Martin's newest mixed-use community in Prince William County.