Embracing the Lake: Connecting Downtown with the Lakefront

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Lake issues

<p>Please, NO sea plane docking!!!! It might attract more planes and that is no good!! It is SOOO loud. Everyone I know complains about the noise from the sea planes. Plus, they could potentially scare... Read more...

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Thanks for your feedback! We are hearing this from more than one person and appreciate the concern for wildlife.


<div>I love the idea of revitalizing the lakefront. Docking for dining and shopping, a beach for swimming and additional fishing locations. I do believe however the lake itself needs to be addressed ... Read more...

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Improving Our Lake

<div> I agree with pretty much everything everybody has stated thus far. However, thinking the order of how it should be addressed is:<br />1) clean up the lake so is useable<br />2) more parking (especially... Read more...

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<div>Our lake needs work(dredged) and our town needs accommendations to draw tourism. It would benefit our economy (downtown) more than a factory that will employ 30 people.A nice pier for boats to park... Read more...

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Thanks for your suggestions! We're hearing a lot of support for making more "connections" for boats and more amenities for water activities. Thanks for adding consideration for where people can stay... Read more...


<div> I think the idea is fantastic but additional parking (municipal parking) should be considered as most businesses on the east side of Lincoln do not have much for parking. Tenants renting apartments... Read more...

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Thanks John. Parking is always a difficult consideration with downtowns. Downtowns need to be walkable, yet people want a convenient way to get to them. We can address this in the plan; it's a concern... Read more...


<div> I live right next door to this project,in the blue house. If this or any other project moves in next door will you please put up a privacy fence along the fence that is there now? </div>

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<div> There should be a way for village lakefront property owners to get rid of weeds that float up after the lake is treated. Either the village should pick up at the street or provide a place to dump... Read more...

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Dredge the Lake!

I previously commented but I am unable to find the post so I will attempt again. The lake is Lakeview's greatest asset and should be a priority over anything else. Dredge/clean the lake and people will... Read more...

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Thank you, Melinda! And thank you for taking the time to repost; apologies for missing your first comment!


<div> I would love to see senior citizen housing on the lakeshore of Tamarack Lake. My husband and I are ready to sell our house & move there. </div>



Lakeshore Develpoment

<div> I would love to see a place where boats could pull up and get access to downtown. Also maybe a public market place or farmers market would be awesome. </div>


<div> I think two things: 1: the docks need to be seaplane friendly, with both seaplane fuel and boat fuel available. 2: lake street needs to be pedestrian only, no automobiles. </div>

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