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Update #11

Help Design Leefort Terrace's New Public Open Space!

Thank you to everyone for your continued feedback and input into the plans to redevelop Leefort Terrace. Our team has been processing what we’ve heard and is currently working to make updates to the plans. We’ll post those in the near future.

In the meantime, we are still looking for additional people to help us design the public open space that we will be creating on the Szetela Lane side of the new buildings, across from Collins Cove. If you would like to participate in that process, please email Jim Newman and Bill Reed bill@regenesisgroup.comand nothng your interest and your connection to Leefort, the neighborhood and/or Salem.


We also hope to continue to foster our existing relationships and make new connections as we look for ideas that might emerge to reinforce quality of life and connectivity with nearby neighborhoods, downtown, and the sea.