The Lowline

New York, NY
A plan to transform an underground trolley station into a garden and community space—designed by you.
Year-round Public events
Open Space
1 acre below ground

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Art Education

It'd be great to have a portion of the Lowline dedicated to art education for children in CD3 and beyond!

Activities that would bring me to the Lowline

I think this could be apart of Lower East Side Tours. Showing LES's history and also a glimpse of how an unused space has been transformed into a new treasure!

coUrbanizer via Text

Idea for the Lowline

more affordable housing on the LES

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The Lowline agrees that more affordable housing is needed on the LES and everywhere in NYC. Any suggestions for a role that the Lowline can play? Could we raise awareness through an informational exhibit... Read more

Activities that would bring me to the Lowline

Very cool! Hopefully this project will have some sensitivity and inclusion for the historic immigrant population of the neighborhood. Also, bonus points if it's nice and cool in the summer!

A Great New Music Venue

I live in the 10002 zip code area (Grand Street) I would love it if the Lowline could be a place where local musicians could showcase their work through small scale acoustic "unplugged" concerts. There... Read more

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Thanks for suggesting this, Glenn. We will share this idea with the design team. We also encourage you to tell your friends and neighbors about this project and to join us at a public workshop to further... Read more

Arts & culture that would bring me to the Lowline

Lots of things would bring me to the Lowline: music, art shows, kids programs, photo exhibit, flea market, good food, and people watching. Good luck on the project. I look forward to seeing the finish... Read more

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Thanks! We look forward to seeing what the Lowline will become, too, because it is the public's input that will drive the initial design. We love that you're thinking about the Lowline as a space that... Read more

Idea for the Lowline

I think making it feel accessible for families from the neighborhood should be a priority. Across the city, the high line feels very "uppity" and not always welcoming to all people. The LES community has... Read more

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We share your concern, Local Students. We want the Lowline to be an inclusive, welcoming place for all. The Lowline is still developing plans for programming, design, and funding, so all cards are on the... Read more

Salt cave area!

Thought it would a good idea to incororate a salt's very theraputic and calming. This is something that you can charge admission for, while everything else should be free and open to the public.

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Hi Elise, Thank you for sharing this idea! We'll include 'salt cave' in a list of the design suggestions we've received. Though this is the first time we've heard of this particular feature, many participants... Read more

Listening to the local community

At the January brainstorming session, several very local residents raised concerns about whether or not the Lowline would attract more tourists, more gentrification and with that, higher rents for residents... Read more

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Hi Lynne, Thank you so much for attending in January and for your thoughtful, continued engagement. The needs of the local community have been top of mind for the Lowline since its inception, and will... Read more

Activities that would bring me to the Lowline

I love the idea of using the old trolly space for a community gathering place. Be sure to ask the locals what activities would delight them. For me, good affordable food and great coffee is always a draw.

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We appreciate your input, Sheila! Many people we have talked to share your desire for affordable food/coffee and community gathering space. We are tracking all suggestions, and communicating this to the... Read more

Activities that would bring me to the Lowline

A foraging lesson! I want to learn about all the plants and seeds we can eat that grow in New York!

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