The Lowline

New York, NY
A plan to transform an underground trolley station into a garden and community space—designed by you.
Open Space
1 acre below ground
Year-round Public events
  • Lowline Opens!

    Lowline is projected to open to the public

  • Public Workshop #5

    The fifth in a series of public workshops, this one will serve to report out on findings of the community engagement process. This meeting will be held at Manny Cantor Center (197 E Broadway).

    Public Workshop 5
  • Sixth Community Advisory Board Meeting

    The sixth community advisory board meeting will be held together with Public Workshop 5 at Manny Cantor Center (197 E Broadway, across from Seward Park Library).

  • Public Workshop #4

    Hamilton Fish Park Library (415 East Houston Street) at 10 AM on Saturday, May 6. This will workshop will be a topical workshop where we will focus on programming for: Arts/Culture, Education, and Science/Tech, Health/Wellness, and Recreation.

  • Public Workshop #3

    This will be the first topical workshop! Topic: Programming, including Arts/Culture, Education, and Science/Tech. Will be held at the New Design High School (350 Grand Street).

    Lowline Workshop 3
  • Fifth Community Advisory Board Meeting

    The fifth Community Advisory Board meeting was held before Public Workshop #3 at New Design High School on March 27.

  • Public Workshop #2

    The second in a series of public workshops to brainstorm with residents, businesses, and organizations on ideas for programming, design, and governance. Location: Grand Street Settlement, 80 Pitt Street (at Rivington Street).

  • Public Workshop #1

    The first in a series of public workshops to hear input from residents, businesses, and organizations in Community District 3 on Lowline programming, design, and governance. This meeting is free and open to all. Location: Goldie Chu Community Room at Two Bridges Tower, 82 Rutgers Slip, between Cherry and South Streets. Dinner will be provided.

  • Fourth Community Advisory Board Meeting*

    The next Community Advisory Board* meeting will take place on December 5 at The Lowline Lab, 140 Essex Street. Notes to follow. *Previously named the Community Engagement Committee.

  • Young Ambassadors Community Engagement Training

    A training workshop was held to introduce the Lowline Young Ambassadors to the community engagement process, and discuss their role and importance in the process. Young Ambassadors worked in teams to identify speed bumps in bringing the community to the Lowline, and explore different engagement strategies for increased community participation. The workshop set the groundwork for ongoing Young Ambassador involvement in the engagement process.

  • Second Meeting of the Lowline Community Engagement Committee

    The second meeting of the Community Engagement Committee was held at the Lowline Lab. Committee attendees split into four sub-groups to discuss programming and youth education; design; concerns, challenges, and opportunities; and committee governance.

    Community Engagement Committee Meeting Minutes 07/25/2016
  • First Meeting of the Lowline Community Engagement Committee

    The first official meeting of the Community Engagement Committee brought together longtime residents of the Lower East Side, local advocates, and organization leaders. The meeting was co-hosted by Grand Street Guild Residents Association’s President and NYC Council Member Margaret Chin, and was held at the Grand Street Guild.

    Community Engagement Committee Meeting Minutes 6/13/2016
  • Kickoff Community Engagement Committee Meeting*

    A kickoff meeting for the Lowline Community Engagement Committee* was co-hosted by NYC Council Member Margaret Chin at the Lowline Lab. Visitors of all ages weighed in on their ideas for a future Lowline. * since renamed the 'Community Advisory Board'