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Existing zoning rules prevent development of small-scale parcels in the Willow St corridor and near the hospital (pg 18-21 of Existing Conditions). Should these areas have rules more like downtown?

I'm not sure what exactly is meant by small scale parcels, but I think south willow should be built generally more like downtown. It's less a manageable retail area and more a highway and a couple big... Read more...

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Willow Street past Cilley (which is out of the target area) has a history of poorly maintained sidewalks in the winter, and has noticeably empty storefronts. Encouraging alternative use of existing space... Read more...

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One problem is all the utility poles on South Willow inhibiting sidewalk plows

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Thank you for the comment John. Power lines are always a challenge when working in existing roadways. Where possible electrical services should be placed underground. Especially when working with new construction.

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I am not native to New England, and when I moved here I noticed how the views are all marred by electrical wires. Are utility companies that averse to putting them underground? Any incentives out there... Read more...

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