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Phase Community Review

Manchester TOD Study

SNHPC and the consultant design team (led by Goody Clancy) are excited to involve all who live, work, study, travel through, and have fun in Manchester in shaping comprehensive transit-oriented development plan for the city's South end of Elm Street. We have worked closely with residents and stakeholders to create a collaborative vision for how to improve biking and walking in the study area, making public transit work better, and encourage new development that can support a variety of lifestyle choices. The Manchester TOD Plan builds on the success of Manchester Connects to set a course for investment in the future.

We welcome you all aboard the TOD express!

How can I get involved?

Over the 15-month planning process, there have been many opportunities to participate.

Here’s how you can get involved today:

  • Subscribe/register to this project website to receive email updates when new content is published.
  • Review the Draft Transit Oriented Development Plan and share your thoughts on the FEEDBACK tab.
  • Get the word out by sharing this project with your neighbors, family, and friends.
  • Read the entries in the UPDATES tab of this website to learn about the latest project milestones.
  • Review the files linked at the bottom of this INFO tab of the CoUrbanize website.

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