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Update #2

Welcome to the Manchester Transit-Oriented Development project website!

Planning Effort to Develop South End of Downtown Manchester Begins Today

Constantly dealing with traffic can be stressful. What if you could live, work, and play in an environment with safe and convenient options to walk, bike, or take transit to most of your destinations? An effort to provide this kind of living option is underway right now in the South End of Downtown Manchester.

Things to Do

The City of Manchester is starting a planning effort to provide new places to live, work, and play. Over the next 10 months, Manchester’s Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) planning effort will explore ways to add new apartments, condos, offices, shops, parks, and plazas all within a 5 to 10-minute walk of a new bus hub and rail station in the South End of Downtown Manchester.

New Ways to Travel

The resulting plan will outline ways to build streets and paths designed to encourage walking and biking though safe intersections and on compact, attractive, and well-signed city blocks. Because TOD places an emphasis on walking, biking, and transit to get around, parking takes up less space. The result is a compact neighborhood where fewer people need to drive for everyday trips.

Include Everybody

Transit-Oriented Development also provides livable communities for all ages. TOD communities give residents an improved quality of life through better access to jobs, shopping, healthcare, and entertainment. By including everybody in Manchester’s planning effort, the growing number of senior citizens, young adults, and people who cannot or prefer not to drive can help shape the City’s TOD plan.

Get Involved

The City of Manchester, Manchester Transit Authority, business owners, property owners, and citizens are coming together to plan for a better future for the South End of Downtown Manchester. Please join us on the project website ( to learn more about the planning process and how you can get involved in Manchester’s Transit-Oriented Development plan!

With Excitement,

The Manchester TOD Planning Team