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Update #12

Manchester TOD Planning Scenarios Published!

Thank you all for the insightful input and ideas you’ve shared with us in the visioning session and online. Thanks to you, we have accomplished so much already!

Since we are all stuck in the house, the design team is hoping to put our collective nervous energy to good use. We have happy to announce that the TOD PLANNING SCENARIOS for real estate development around future transit services in Downtown are now published. We published the scenarios on the INFO tab under "Steering-Comm_Scenarios_Apr-19" on our interactive CoUrbanize website but you can also link to the slides by clicking the bold text in this message.

We hope you find the planning scenarios as compelling as we do. After reviewing the presentation slides, please consider sharing your thoughts with us. Here are some questions to consider:

  • What scenario is most compelling to you from a positioning standpoint, in terms of long-term development?
  • What scenario seems most do-able to you in the short-term?
  • What scenario has the greatest benefit to your organization/interest? The larger city?
  • What scenario do you think will be most successful?
  • What should be the preferred scenario? 

Your participation during the planning process has been so very helpful. Please continue to share your feedback and questions with us. If you would like to have a conversation with a member of the design team? Consider setting up a chat with us by visiting the REQUEST A CHAT SECTION on the CoUrbanize page. We look forward to talking with you soon!

With Care,

The Manchester TOD Plan Design Team