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Any other questions or suggestions about the Mary Ellen McCormack redevelopment?

I’ve been here for 4 years now.The apartments is so small. I would like more space. Townhomes would be great for those who are working . I want to feel good about where I live and what I’m paying for.... Read more...

Maryanne. I lived in a townhouse 5.5 rooms, turned basement into another bedroom/study for 35 years. Plenty of space!! Note many of the two bedroom apartments have a balcony/porch. When my grandparents... Read more...

Hi Maryann,

The new buildings will include both apartments and direct entry townhomes. Other possible amenities include in-unit washer/dryers and balconies. The site will also include robust, programmed... Read more...

You can forget about washers/dryers, BHD has not the manpower to keep up the repairs. With 3000 units opposed to the 1027 current units there will be plenty of elevators, and garage doors to attend to.

Hi all,

We look forward to creating multiple housing types with in-unit and building amenities such as laundry, community rooms, fitness areas, learning centers, and more!