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What's in the Works

The redevelopment of the Mary Ellen McCormack public housing community in South Boston will provide 1,016 new homes for current residents while adding additional residential units to create a true mixed-income, mixed-use community.

The project will include a senior building. When complete, the development will also feature middle-income (workforce) and market-rate housing, small business retail, a central public square, a community building, and resident programs including job training, educational services, and senior activities.

Our goal: make Mary Ellen McCormack a 21st century neighborhood where residents are the highest priority — not just through modern homes and open spaces, but through programs designed to create a better quality of life and the chance to pursue brighter futures for themselves and their families.

What's There Now

New England's first public housing project is badly in need of redevelopment. Located ideally between the Andrew and JFK stops on the MBTA Red Line, the Mary Ellen McCormack property is currently home to 1,016 subsidized apartments in 22 buildings and 152 row houses. All are nearly 80 years old and well past their useful life. Bedroom sizes are sub-standard. Basic amenities are antiquated, and there are few services for residents. The 27-acre property could benefit from more neighborhood retail options, community space and open space.

What's Happening Next

Design and permitting for the proposed redevelopment is just starting. At this early stage, WinnCompanies is turning to residents and the community for help to shape a shared vision for the future Mary Ellen McCormack.... Read more...



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