Mercy Campus Planning Update

Dear Neighbor,

We are writing to both thank you and to provide an update on the planning process for the Sisters of Mercy Burlingame campus. We appreciate everyone who took time to participate in our recent virtual community meetings and to provide the valuable feedback we have received through the Mercy website, regular mail, phone calls, and virtual conversations. Community input is a fundamental element of our process.

Regarding the status of the planning effort, we hope to have an initial conceptual plan to share with the community in late Fall 2020. The plan will incorporate the community input received, the findings of the Existing Conditions Land Use Analysis, and financial feasibility assessment, while also addressing the Sisters’ objectives for the future of the campus.

On this website, you will find the following new information.

• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): These updated FAQs capture the questions we have received since beginning public outreach efforts at the end of February.

• Mailing map: The map highlights the streets/households included for all outreach mailings.

• Zoom Questions/Comments, and Responses: These were taken from the Chat section of the June Community Meetings, and we have responded to those that were not answered during the meeting itself.

• Follow-up Request Form: We invite you to request a phone call or virtual conversation, either individually or in small groups, with representatives of the Sisters of Mercy.

And we continue to welcome your feedback by whatever form of communication you prefer.

Website ( Updates are provided regularly.

Mail Address to Sisters of Mercy, 2300 Adeline Drive, Burlingame, CA 94010, c/o Campus Planning.

Phone 650-373-4515.

E-mail You can contact Jean Hastie at with any questions or comments.

We hope this information is helpful to you in understanding the status of the campus planning work to date and when you might expect further updates in the future. We thank you for such valuable engagement and look forward to future conversations.

June 25th Community Meeting – Feedback Request

We appreciate the participation of all those who participated in the recent Zoom Community Meetings on June 22nd and 25th. The Meeting presentations focused on the findings of the Existing Conditions Analysis, a review of the Community Engagement work to date, and an overview of the next steps in the planning process. If you were unable to be a part of either of the Community Meetings, we have posted a link to the video recording and the presentation itself on this website. These can be found in the More section of this site which also includes all the neighborhood communications to date.

After viewing the video or the presentation, please visit the Feedback section of the website to share your input with us. It is an invitation to share your thoughts and have your questions answered.

In addition, your input is also gratefully received by mail, addressed to Sisters of Mercy, 2300 Adeline Drive, Burlingame, CA 94010, c/o Campus Planning, and by voice mail at 650-373-4515. We will continue to find additional ways to further engage neighbors and the rest of the Burlingame community. We welcome your ideas on how best to achieve this.

Our next step is to carefully consider the findings of the Existing Conditions Analysis, the community input to date, and the financial feasibility assessments. Our desire is to combine these elements to create a balanced, responsible plan that is responsive to neighborhood input while achieving the goals, as stated on the “Info” page of this website. We are hoping to have an initial conceptual plan to review and discuss with the community around the end of the third quarter of 2020.

Working with our neighbors and other community members is an integral part of our planning for the future use of the Mercy campus. We are committed to that work and we value your involvement and input. Thank you. 

Message From The Sisters of Mercy

Dear Neighbors and Friends of the Sisters of Mercy,

As a Sister of Mercy and neighbor to you through our Sisters on the Mercy Burlingame campus, please let me introduce myself. I am Sister Susan Sanders, RSM, Leader of the Sisters of Mercy, West Midwest. With our main office located in Omaha, the Sisters of Mercy, West Midwest include the Burlingame Sisters and are part of an international religious congregation of Catholic Sisters. In this letter, I want not only to introduce myself but also to update you on our Sisters’ hopes for the future of the Mercy Burlingame campus and apprise you of the initial steps we are taking to assess the feasibility of realizing these hopes.

Our Hopes for the Future Burlingame Campus

As you may know, the Sisters of Mercy have a long history in the Burlingame community. We purchased the property at 2300 Adeline Drive in 1924 and have enjoyed this property for our “Motherhouse” home. In this place where we first trained young Sisters and based our congregational administration, we later offered spiritual renewal and education for young people.

Since 1924, the campus has changed significantly. In addition to the Mercy Convent and Mercy Retreat Center, the campus now includes a home for our infirmed Sisters, Mercy High School, and a Montessori school. Mindful of the changing needs of our Sisters, who are aging and diminishing in numbers, the new educational needs of Mercy High School, and our congregation’s concern for promoting a healthy ecology and sustainable Earth, the Sisters of Mercy are asking how we can better meet the current and future needs of our Sisters and the spiritual, educational, and residential needs of others. Please see our website ( for more information about our specific hopes for the future use of the property.

Our Initial Steps to Assess Future Use Feasibility

I have heard from our Sisters many times what good neighbors you all have been to the Sisters on our campus. The Sisters of Mercy hope to build on our good relationship with you by inviting you to a Community Zoom meeting on Thursday, June 25, from 6:30-8:00 p.m. First, I will welcome you, introduce our representatives and partners in this exploration, provide you with some information about our initial studies, and hear your questions and comments. The enclosed communication offers more detailed information about the logistics of this meeting. Sister Pauline Borghello, RSM, and Ms. Jean Hastie are the local representatives of the Sisters of Mercy. If you have questions after the meeting, please do not hesitate to contact Jean Hastie at

Thank you for considering this invitation. I look forward to our meeting on June 25.


Sister Susan Sanders, RSM

Leader, Sisters of Mercy, West Midwest

Upcoming Zoom Community Meeting- June 25th, 6:30 to 8:00 pm

Dear Neighbor and Friends of the Sisters of Mercy,

We are so grateful to those who were able to participate in the recent listening phase of our campus planning effort. Whether from the mailed Feedback Forms, comments on the website, messages left at the voice mail number, and/or Virtual Chats, we greatly appreciate your involvement.  

As part of our follow-up, we have created a summary of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and our responses. Please see the FAQ tab of this website. Additional FAQs will be added as we continue with the planning process and our community engagement work. We encourage you to subscribe to the website so that you will be automatically notified when updates occur. It is at

We have also completed the Existing Conditions Analysis which will help us better understand the property and how we care for and use it. The Analysis included geological, tree, and utilities studies, as well as the site survey by a civil engineer. 

As noted in Update #5 of this website from Sister Sue Sanders, on June 25th, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm, we will host a Community Zoom Meeting. The purpose of the meeting will be to provide a review of the key findings of the Existing Conditions Analysis and a summary of the community input, as well as receive your input and respond to your questions.  

The Zoom call-in instructions for this Presentation are:

  • Zoom Link:
  • Meeting ID: 829 8734 1980 / Password: 6ZbirA
  • Phone In: +1 669 900 6833

A video of the Presentation will be posted on the website for anyone unable to participate on the 25th.  

We have included the following within this website:

FAQ Summary: This is a review of the questions that have been asked most often and our corresponding responses.

Feedback Form: Please complete this form after you have participated in or viewed the Presentation from the Community Zoom Meeting.

Virtual Coffee Chat Request: These Chats are a great way to talk directly with our Administrative Team members and have your comments heard and questions responded to. This is included as part of the Feedback Form.

We also welcome your input by mail, addressed to: Sisters of Mercy, 2300 Adeline Drive, Burlingame, CA 94010, c/o Campus Planning, and by voice mail at 650-373-4515. 

We are committed to working with our neighbors and the greater Burlingame community. Please let us know of any suggestions you have for further engagement. We appreciate and value your input and interest.  


The Administrative Team

*Pauline Borghello, RSM, Sisters of Mercy, West MidWest

*Jean Hastie, Sisters of Mercy, West MidWest

*Amy Bayley, RSM, Mercy Housing

*Barbara Gualco, Mercy Housing     

*Bob Grassilli, MHS Board of Directors  

*Una Kinsella, MHS Board of Directors  

Virtual Listening Session Feedback Due April 30th

Thanks to all who have offered their feedback and questions during our virtual Listening Session! We so appreciate your involvement. For those who have not yet participated, we want to remind you that the deadline for this phase of feedback is April 30th. While we will always be interested in hearing from you, the responses to Listening Session Questions #1 and 2, found here on the Comments page, are particularly valuable at this point in the planning. We have received several requests for Virtual Coffee Chats, and we look forward to scheduling those, as well.

In the next few weeks, a summary of your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and our responses, as well as the next steps in our process, will be posted on this website. We look forward to continuing the conversation and remain grateful for your interest.   

As previously stated, we also welcome your input by mail, addressed to: Sisters of Mercy, 2300 Adeline Drive, Burlingame, CA 94010, c/o Campus Planning, and by voice mail at 650-373-4515. A Feedback Form for this purpose was included in the April 10 mailing.

Neighborhood Engagement Listenings Moved Online Due to Covid-19

COVID-19 is impacting every aspect of our community including our neighborhood engagement for the Mercy Campus planning process. Although we would prefer to meet with you in person, the previously announced Listening Sessions in April have been canceled. In light of this, we have added to this website new ways for you provide input and stay informed:

1.      There is a new Feedback Form where you can let us know the best way to stay in touch with you. On this page, there are also two Listening Session questions. We would appreciate your response to these questions by April 30. You may request participation in small group Virtual Coffee Chats on this page, as well. 

2.      The Listening Session questions have also been included on the Comments page in case you prefer to respond to them there. 

3.      The other new page, Neighborhood Communications, is where you will find the mailings sent to households in the surrounding neighborhood and other mailings which will be sent in the future.

Finally, as explained in the most recent neighborhood mailing, we feel it is important for you to know that, while the campus is owned by the Sisters of Mercy, this initial phase of the planning process is a joint effort of the Sisters of Mercy, along with Mercy High School and Mercy Housing, both of which are ministries founded by the Sisters of Mercy.

The group directing and managing this effort is the Administrative Team, the members of which are:

*Pauline Borghello, RSM, Sisters of Mercy, West MidWest

*Jean Hastie, Sisters of Mercy, West MidWest

*Amy Bayley, RSM, Mercy Housing

*Barbara Gualco, Mercy Housing         

*Bob Grassilli, MHS Board of Directors  

*Una Kinsella, MHS Board of Directors   

Even in this challenging period, we continue to appreciate your feedback and questions and look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to respond through this website, by regular mail, or by phone, whatever is most comfortable or convenient for you.


Thanks for visiting the Mercy Campus website!

The purpose of this interactive website is to facilitate and encourage community participation in a broad based, collaborative, planning process for the Mercy campus. The website will offer the opportunity for informed community engagement and input by providing background, context, information, and real time updates and responses to inquiries from community members.

As we all try to stay connected during this interesting time, please help us by contacting or calling those neighbors whom you think might be less likely to visit a website or communicate by e-mail. Let them know that they can leave a voice message at 650 373 4515. If they provide their address, phone number, and any comments or questions on the voice mail, we will respond accordingly via regular mail or a returned phone call.  Thank you for your help.

We sincerely look forward to working with our neighbors and other stakeholders going forward. We welcome and appreciate your involvement and input.