A Vibrant Addition to the Neighborhood

The Michigan Central plan is evolving and responding to opportunities to enhance our community with landscaping, public spaces and greenways, access to goods and services, and welcoming neighborhood connections - all within a 20-minute walk. 

Michigan Central will be optimized for innovation, with flexible, tech-enabled workspaces, hands-on labs and smart infrastructure, along with a first-of-its-kind mobility platform - a place for testing the latest products and technologies. it will connect with the surrounding neighborhoods and the city through improved gateways and preserve the history of the area with a mix of old and new.

The Importance of Public Dialogue

With ongoing public input and dialogue, Michigan Central will become part of the neighborhood - a place that is authentically Detroit, by everyone and for everyone.

Please Join the Conversation!

The Michigan Central project team is engaged in planning, design and early programming - and we are seeking public insight and feedback on work in progress. Please check the Timeline for upcoming events and the Feedback section to offer your direct comments. And we invite you to Subscribe for email updates to stay current with the conversation.

For detailed project information, visit michigancentral.com.