retail 25,000 SF
affordable housing 250 Apartments
residential 280 Apartments

Lake Union Partners, Capitol Hill Housing, and Africatown have partnered together on the redevelopment of the Midtown Center block. When it's complete, the project will include approximately 250 affordable housing apartments and 280 market rate apartments. The project also includes 25,000 square feet of retail, 10,000 of which is planned for small scale, locally owned businesses.

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Most prominently, the project includes a public square almost 9,000 sf in size. The square is accessible from East Union Street and both 24th and 23rd Avenues. Surrounded by active retail users, the square is intended as a community gathering space during the daytime and evening hours, with special event programming from local community groups.

We want to hear from the community about what you want to see in this space. Please comment and share your thoughts about the best uses for this community asset.


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