Kendall Square at MIT

Cambridge, MA
Official construction updates during the creation of 1 million square feet of new space in Kendall Square.
Open Space
Over 1.8 acres
115,000 SQ FT
/ R&D 888,000 SQ FT
450 grad & 290 other

Install a stop sign at Amherst and Wadsworth

Given the new traffic pattern from construction, a stop sign should be installed on the corner of Amherst and Wadsworth so that cars don't careen around the corner and endanger pedestrians.

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Summer, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. The Project Team looked at this yesterday and we think there is cause for installing a stop sign at the corner of Amherst and Wadsworth. The current... Read more

That would be great, thank you. I walk this route every day, multiple times a day and I've witnessed on too many occasions cars coming around that corner not yielding for pedestrians crossing Wadsworth,... Read more

Summer, We met with the City Traffic Department on site this week and they have approved a temporary stop sign at the corner of Wadsworth and Amherst St. while the street closure is in place.



This is an amazing project. It would be great to see a schedule of the sequencing of buildings as I have heard multiple ideas on this.

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Thanks for your comment! Right now we’re focused on the construction phase for the utilities and streetwork improvements, with the below-grade parking garage kicking off in early 2017. All of our buildings... Read more


Exciting stuff!

I can't wait to see the cranes go up and the construction get underway. Looking forward to updates!

Love the updates

I am excited to see it getting started! I saw a few updates at the MIT open house earlier this year via virtual reality, and the vision for Kendall at MIT looks/sounds awesome! Thanks for providing such... Read more

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Thank you for reaching out! We're glad you had a chance to use our VR goggles earlier this year and hope to have more opportunities for the community to actively engage with the project during... Read more

Would it be possible to share that VR experience and future updates through a Google Cardboard app or a 360 YouTube video tours?

Hi Marc, thanks for the question and great idea! We are looking into this and will post an update here when we know more.


Automobile Traffic?

I am wondering how the area will absorb more cars? Any plans to widen Third Street to help cars get out of the area faster in the late afternoon? Or other solutions to alleviate the traffic situation?

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Thanks for your comment, Carolyn! As part of our Special Permit approval for the Kendall Square PUD, we made a number of commitments to Cambridge to help alleviate traffic around the site. To start, we're... Read more

Are there any site plans that show the Hubway stations, additional bike lanes, the changes to Hayward Street, and the proposed pedestrian connection across Broadway? The site plan on the main page does... Read more


How are residents supposed to get in and out?

These traffic patterns are inconvenient and circuitous to the residents of 100 Memorial Drive. It's difficult to get in and out and then, when you exit one direction in the morning, you return in the evening... Read more

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Summer, thank you for your comment and for your continued patience as a resident living next to the Kendall Square Initiative construction. We understand that vehicular circulation issues throughout the... Read more



I'd like to get more information on how you will accommodate bikers. We really need dedicated biking lanes, separate from cars and pedestrians. And MIT desperately needs to build tens of new weather-protected... Read more

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Thomas, thank you for your comment! Pedestrian and bike-friendly routes through the new Kendall Square open space are extremely important to us. As part of this project, we will be adding more than 800... Read more

I hope that plans focus more on actual safety for cyclists and pedestrians that just segregated facilities. The existing segregated lanes on Ames Street north of Main Street are just wasted space that... Read more



Welcome to the Kendall Square at MIT construction updates page. Please reach out directly here for any questions or comments you have regarding the construction activities in the area. We look forward... Read more

MIT Kendall Sq, MIT Medical

Hello, I work at MIT Medical, which is located right in the middle of this project. We are literally surrounded on 3 sides by construction. There is a significant issue with signage related to how patients... Read more

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Ann Marie, thank you for your comment and for bringing this to our attention. We have a communications firm engaged to help us with issues like these, and we will work with that firm and with the general... Read more


Building important connections!

I am most excited about the revamped area surrounding the Kendall Sq. T station. This will connect the MIT campus to the city in a more cohesive way and serve as a real landing space/entry to MIT from... Read more

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Thanks for getting in touch, Sarah! We're glad you're as excited as we are for the new Gateway to MIT, and we're hopeful that with a new T headhouse and the MIT Museum moving to Kendall Square, we can... Read more


On to the future

Thanks for creating this site. Amazing to see what is planned for the future of Kendall Square. Truly world class.

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Thank you for your note! We're very excited to get started and look forward to working with the MIT and Cambridge community to help make this project a success.


Ambulance access to MIT Medical?

Hi there! As a former EMT, how will ambulances access MIT medical in this new setup?


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Josiah, thanks for your question! Ambulance access to MIT Medical will be maintained throughout construction. During times when Carleton St is one-way south to north, if an ambulance needs to enter the... Read more


Kendall Innovation Ecosystem

It is very exciting to see how this project will really improve the Kendall Square Innovation Ecosystem. The MIT Museum and Admissions office right off Main Street will be great for Kendall and the new... Read more

Lose of residential services

I don't have any cable tv or internet anymore. It randomly stopped working and Xfinity says it's not on their end. Perhaps it's related to the daily jack hammering that started dutifully this morning at... Read more

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Summer, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Turner Construction identified an issue with an exposed Comcast fiber cable in the street this morning around 9am. Comcast is out on site now working... Read more


Bicycle Cages

Simply adding more bicycle racks is not enough - Will this development project have protected bicycle cages or lockers that require some form of authentication to get into?

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Linus, thanks for your question! The Kendall Square at MIT project will add 208 short-term bicycle parking spaces and 826 long-term bicycle parking spaces within our parking garages, which will have secured... Read more

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