Kendall Square at MIT

Cambridge, MA
Official construction updates during the creation of 1 million square feet of new space in Kendall Square.
450 grad & 290 other
/ R&D 888,000 SQ FT
115,000 SQ FT
Open Space
Over 1.8 acres
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MIT at Kendall Square idea

A big surprise! And that surprise is that the date for reopening Wadsworth St. keeps moving. Of course, I'm joking that it's a surprise. I mean, if I had a private parking space for my CAT, why would... Read more

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Hi Rick, thank you for your comment. The Wadsworth block is closed in order to install a large sanitary holding tank that will service the entire Kendall Square at MIT project. Some of the prefabricated... Read more

The closure of Wadsworth St. continues. It was foreseen by some of us. Since I seem to be the only one complaining, I will stop. A response is not necessary. I guess other area residents either don't... Read more