Kendall Square at MIT

Cambridge, MA
Official construction updates during the creation of 1 million square feet of new space in Kendall Square.
450 grad & 290 other
/ R&D 888,000 SQ FT
115,000 SQ FT
Open Space
Over 1.8 acres
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Automobile Traffic?

I am wondering how the area will absorb more cars? Any plans to widen Third Street to help cars get out of the area faster in the late afternoon? Or other solutions to alleviate the traffic situation?

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Thanks for your comment, Carolyn! As part of our Special Permit approval for the Kendall Square PUD, we made a number of commitments to Cambridge to help alleviate traffic around the site. To start, we're... Read more

Are there any site plans that show the Hubway stations, additional bike lanes, the changes to Hayward Street, and the proposed pedestrian connection across Broadway? The site plan on the main page does... Read more