Phase Construction
open space
Open Space Over 1.8 acres
retail 115,000 SQ FT
office / R&D 888,000 SQ FT
residential 450 grad & 290 other

Kendall Square, home to some of the most innovative companies on earth, is central to the life and character of its local community. MIT is bringing six former parking lots to life with office/lab, housing, retail and open space that fully leverage the Red Line and its location in the urban center of Kendall Square. 

What will we achieve?

• Activate the Institute’s East Campus with new public space, retail, housing, the MIT Museum and more

• Create new research and innovation opportunities

• Add hundreds of units of graduate, affordable, and market rate housing

• Balance research & development with the public realm to strengthen the neighborhood for all

• Establish a crossroads for Kendall Square, MIT and the Cambridge community

Kendall Square at MIT is creating a unique district where academic-led research can converge and collaborate with industry-led innovation to solve the world's problems. Innovation is done by people and people need great places. All of the public realm improvements, new open space and new retail are geared to maintaining Kendall Square’s competitive advantage that innovative companies need to thrive and attract and retain talent, and to create a welcoming destination for all. 

Please follow us here and check the Updates tab often for construction updates, news, and events. We look forward to continuing the collaborative process with our neighbors and the MIT community to realize this plan and bring new vitality to the heart of Kendall Square.