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Update #3

Construction Update: October 2016

Construction has started in Kendall Square! You may have seen blue fencing erected around the Hayward Street Lot and on a portion of Amherst Street. Along with that fencing, here's what's happening in October:

* Amherst Street is now one-way, east to west, through the end of 2016. We will be installing new utilities in the south side of the street and during that time, on-street parking will be temporarily removed.

* A new parking lot for visitors to the MIT Medical building (E23) has been constructed next to E33 and E34 and will be accessible from Carleton Street throughout the duration of construction.

* The remainder of the Hayward Lot will be fenced off for construction equipment and materials in the first week of October.

* Carleton Street will become one-way, north to south, beginning this month as a single lane is captured for the new installation of utilities. As always, ambulance access to E23 will be maintained, and vehicles parking in the new Medical parking lot will have access.

If you have any questions regarding the construction work on site, please contact Alison Crowley at:

To download the October 2016 construction map below, please click here.