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Update #10

Construction Update: January 16-27, 2017


Click to download Two-Week Lookahead Impact Chart and Map of Work.

Starting this week we are trying out a new means of communicating project updates. Below you will find a list of activities occurring on site, organized by street. Each activity marks which days it will occur over the next two weeks, and what impacts to expect. The impact categories for each activity include the following:

  • Noise
  • Vibration
  • Odor
  • Sidewalk Closure
  • Street Closure
  • Parking Impact

Activities are coded and you can refer to the map below for a visual of each of the coded activities. If you are most concerned about work on Carleton Street, for example, you can simply refer directly to the Carleton Street section for a quick glance of what to expect.

We will update the chart of activities every two weeks and post them here. You may also download the chart and the map if you wish to enlarge or save either document. These can be found under Information & Plans on the CoUrbanize home page.