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Update #16

Construction Update: Feb 27 - March 10

See the chart and map below for work occurring on Carleton, Wadsworth, and Amherst Streets over the next two weeks (click the image for larger versions!)

Work has also begun on the Kendall Garage within the closed parking lots behind 292 Main (E38), 290 Main (E39), and 238 Main (E48).

Click to download the 2-Week Lookahead Map and the corresponding 2-Week Lookahead Chart.

Major Operations Include:

  • Site excavation behind the Muckley Building (E40) for the Kendall Garage
  • Demolition of E34 and partial closure of Carleton St as a result
  • Sanitary utility relocation on Wadsworth Street next to Tang (E51)
  • Chilled water utility installation on Amherst St in front of Senior House (E2)

Traffic Routes Include:

  • Carleton St: Closed to traffic from Main St to the Medical Parking Lot during structural demolition of E34; access to the Medical Parking Lot only available from Amherst St
  • Hayward St: Closed to all vehicular and pedestrian traffic
  • Wadsworth St: One-way traffic from Memorial Drive to Amherst St (south to north traffic only); two-way traffic from Amherst St to Main St
  • Amherst St: One-way traffic between Wadsworth St and Ames St