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Update #28

Construction Update: July 3rd - July 7th

Street and Sidewalk Impacts:

Deacon Street to Carleton Street Pedestrian Closure - Starting the week of July 3rd, the sidewalk and the ramp leading to the main entrance of MIT Medical Building E23/E25 off Carleton and Deacon Street will be closed during the work day for a week to allow for the demolition of the existing ramp in preparation for utility installation. The temporary ramp off of Deacon Street will be reopened at the end of the day and permanently once the demolition of the old ramp is completed.

Wadsworth Street –The street will be reopened from July 3rd through July 9th due to the July 4th holiday. After July 9th, the street will remain closed between Amherst Street and Memorial Drive (between Buildings E51 and E52) 24 hours a day to vehicular trafficWe anticipate the closure to remain in place until mid-late August. Vehicles on Memorial Drive should access the Kendall Square area via Ames Street. For the duration of excavation and installation Wadsworth Street will remain closed as a location for equipment set up and staging. (W1).

Carleton Street – Utility work on the street includes electrical duct bank installation (C1) and chilled water (C2).

Amherst Street – Sanitary installation (A1) will continue on the south (100 Memorial Drive) side of the street. Chilled Water piping installation (A2) will continue. Pedestrian detours will be in place as the work progresses down the street but at least one side of the sidewalk will be available to pedestrians at all time. Eversource will continue to install gas services (A3) on Amherst Street towards Wadsworth Street.

Main Street – Sidewalk protection will continue to be installed in front of the old Cambridge Trust Building. Pedestrians will be routed to the inside of the sidewalk during this work.

MBTA Main Street Plaza - The pedestrian plaza connecting Carleton Street to the inbound Kendall Square MBTA Station on Main Street is closed fully for the duration of the project to allow construction of an underground garage in this area. Pedestrians will be guided to seek alternate paths to and from the station using Ames Street, Dock Street, or Wadsworth Street. (M1)

Access to the MBTA station and elevator will remain open and accessible on the Main Street side of the station throughout this work.

Carleton Street will remain open to vehicular traffic from Amherst Street to the Medical Parking Lot.

General Construction Update -

Saturday Work- General construction activities may continue on Saturdays. Work will occur within the City of Cambridge allowable work hours, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Demolition will commence on the Cambridge Trust Building (M2) This work should take approximately one week to be complete.

Work continues on the Kendall Garage behind 292 Main (E38), and 238 Main (E48). This includes -

·        Slurry Wall (Support of the Excavation) installation.

·        Daily deliveries of steel and concrete.

·        Daily trucking to remove material from the site.

Selective demolition on 290 Main (E39) will begin.

Steel will continue to be installed in E38 / E39.

Scaffolding will be installed on the face of E38 / E39 buildings.

Site work will continue on site 5 (behind Cambridge Trust).

Police details will be utilized throughout the project area to assist with pedestrian and vehicular traffic.