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Update #38

Wadsworth Street Construction Update

Wadsworth Street between Amherst Street and Memorial Drive (“the Wadsworth block”) has been closed since May 24th to install a new sanitary holding tank, which is part of improvements to the overall City-wide sanitary collection system. The project team had originally planned to reopen the street after the excavation, installation, and backfilling of the sanitary tank had finished, which was targeted for the end of August.

Two issues related to the work on this block has led to the continued closure of the street. The first was the improperly manufactured sanitary holding tank. The pre-cast concrete structure came to site with cracks that had to be sealed which required investigations, engineering, approvals and implementation. This work was concluded in early October, a process that took approximately 6 weeks to resolve.

The second is the new sewer line that needs to be constructed next to the sanitary holding tank. This utility line will be installed in the middle of Wadsworth Street. The project team had originally planned to open one lane of Wadsworth Street south of Amherst while the work was taking place. With the holding tank now in place, and the exact location of that sanitary line determined based on the location of existing utilities in the street, both the project team and the City of Cambridge have found that the work zone to construct this sanitary line will be too narrow to allow vehicles to safely drive from Memorial Drive to Amherst St while the work is underway. At this time, we anticipate a minimum of three more months of work to install the new sanitary line adjacent to the sanitary holding tank before the block can be reopened.

There is additional work on Wadsworth Street north of Amherst Street toward Main Street that will begin to take effect in the next two weeks. This includes installing a construction traffic lane on the west side of the street, which will create a one-way traffic pattern on Wadsworth St from Main St to Amherst St. Later work includes the installation of structural steel for the Kendall Garage, which will require temporarily installing large crane equipment on the street that may impact traffic patterns while the crane is on site. We will provide detailed updates as this work nears. 

Thank you for your patience as we work to complete all of the construction on the Wadsworth block as quickly as possible.