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Update #45

Construction Update: February 16th — March 2nd

Street and Sidewalk Impacts

Wadsworth Street – At this time, the street will remain closed to vehicular traffic from Amherst Street to Memorial Drive (between Buildings E51 and E52) 24 hours a day. Eversource Electric is currently working within the construction zone to rebuild an electric manhole and duct bank. Other construction activities include backfilling and completing the sanitary lift station, as well as the installation of a new sanitary infrastructure. Vehicles on Memorial Drive should access the Kendall Square area via Ames Street. (W1). Wadsworth Street is a one way street going south, with access from Main Street to Amherst Street.

Amherst Street – Chilled water lines will continue to be installed along the Amherst Street side of E40. This work will take approximately three (3) more weeks to complete. Sanitary pipe installation will continue along Amherst Street next to the 100 Memorial Drive upper parking lot entrance and this work will take approximately two (2) more weeks. The rear entrance of E40 has been modified to allow for access. (A1)

Hayward StreetUtility work will begin on the North side of Hayward Street and will have trucks entering and exiting onto Main Street. This work will take place for the next four (4) weeks.

General Construction Update

Additional earth support will be installed and the slurry wall will begin to be chipped down around site 3. This work can create noise and vibration in the area directly next to the work. The work areas will move frequently, so any disruptions should be limited to a day or two.

Steel Installation for Site 4 Garage and Building will continue.

Work continues on the Kendall Garage behind 290-292 Main (E38-E39) and 238 Main (E48). This includes: 

  • Daily deliveries of steel and concrete.
  • Daily trucking to remove material from the site.

E38 interior and exterior renovation activities will continue.

Police details will be utilized throughout the project area to assist with pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Large equipment will be removed and brought back to the site daily. This activity may occur after hours but no disruptions are expected.  

Saturday Work – General construction activities will continue on Saturdays. Work will occur within the City of Cambridge allowable work hours, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Snow Removal – During heavy snow events, the project team may need to mobilize small crews to maintain access in and around the site. This work may take place outside of normal operating hours.