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Update #49

Wadsworth Street Traffic Changes

Please note the following access changes in the Kendall Square area on Wadsworth Street related to Kendall Square construction activities. Construction hours are scheduled for 7AM – 6PM weekdays with some Saturday work from 9AM – 6PM as needed.

The block of Wadsworth Street from Memorial Drive to Amherst Street (between Buildings E51 and E52) is scheduled to reopen to vehicular traffic on Monday, April 9. This section of Wadsworth has been closed while crews install new utilities in the area. Beginning in mid-May, the northern half of Wadsworth Street, from Amherst Street to Main Street, is scheduled to be closed to all traffic. Amherst Street will remain one-way during this time. Details of each phase of this work are below.

Detailed Wadsworth Street plans

A police detail will be present during work hours to help guide vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic through the following changes. See the attached maps for specific information.

Phase 1 - Monday, April 9 through mid-May:

South side of Wadsworth Street from Memorial Drive to Amherst Street reopens

  • Wadsworth Street remains one-way from Main Street toward Amherst Street (as it is today). Please note that there will be no access from Memorial Drive up Wadsworth Street to the Sloan and Eastgate lots. 
  • Wadsworth Street from Memorial Drive to Amherst Street
  • One-way from Memorial Drive toward Amherst Street during the day
  • Two-way after 4PM beginning April 10
  • Amherst Street remains one-way from Wadsworth toward Ames Street
  • Crane activity: a one-day closure of the north side of Wadsworth Street will be scheduled for crane activity mid-April. More details will be provided closer to the final date. See Phase 2 for traffic conditions. Access to Sloan and Eastgate lots from Wadsworth Street will be unavailable on this date.


Phase 2 – mid-May through August 2018:

North side of Wadsworth Street closes from Main Street to Amherst Street

  • Pedestrian access remains open throughout
  • Access to Sloan parking areas and Eastgate lot from Wadsworth Street will not be available during this phase; access to lots remain available from Main Street (Eastgate resident lot, Hermann Garage, E62 East Garage)


Phase 3 – August 2018 through Fall 2020: 

North side of Wadsworth Street closed from Main Street to entrance to Sloan lots

  • Pedestrian access remains open throughout
  • Access to Sloan and Eastgate lots at Wadsworth Street reopens. Main Street entrance to lots remains two-way throughout.

Based on the nature of work to be completed during these phases, please note that the schedule is subject to change. Advance notice will be given for any changes whenever possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at