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Update #56

Construction Update – June 22nd - July 6th

Street and Sidewalk Impacts

Wadsworth Street – Phase 2 Roadway Conditions Through August 2018

  • The south section of Wadsworth Street from Memorial Drive to Amherst Street is open to one-way traffic during the day and two-way after 4:00PM or when there is no work occurring on the street. (W1)
  • Access to Wadsworth Street from Main Street is closed to all traffic. (W2) The Sloan and Eastgate lot entrance is closed at Wadsworth Street through this phase. This section will be open for emergency access on July 4th.
  • A crane will continue to be set up and operating in this area.
  • Walkways will be maintained and located as required around construction work zones.
  • Bicycles may be walked on the shared walkway.

Amherst Street – The final section of steam pipe will be installed the week of June 25th through July crossing Amherst Street between Ames Street and Carleton Street. Installation of chilled water lines along Amherst Street will continue for the next few months. Work is progressing toward Hayward Street. (A1)

  • Use caution traversing Amherst Street, especially with a new work zone and numerous large construction vehicles coming and going to gates and zones.  
  • The sidewalk in front of the Muckley Building (E40) will be closed intermittently. Access to E40 will be maintained. 
  • When the sidewalk is closed, pedestrian traffic entering E40 from Wadsworth Street will be directed south across Amherst Street in front of the Tang Center (E51) and to the crosswalk at Hayward Street. This closure is required for flushing and testing chilled water lines under the sidewalk in front of E40. 
  • Amherst Street remains one-way from Wadsworth Street toward Ames Street. Only police directed construction vehicles will have two-way access from Ames Street.

Hayward Street — Utility work will continue on the north side of Hayward Street and will have trucks entering and exiting onto Main Street. Concrete and steel operations will also periodically stage from this area. (A2) Utility work has also begun on the south side of Hayward Street. Trucking access will be via Ames Street and Amherst Street.

Charlotte’s Way — The Charlotte’s Way walkway between Carleton and Dock streets will be closed on Saturday, June 23rd  from 7:00 am – 5:00 pm as crews prep to relocate it closer to E-25 to prepare. Pedestrians will use the existing walkway until the new walkway is installed in July. (A3)

General Construction Update

Kendall Garage:

  • Construction of the future auto ramp will continue.
  • Steel installation will continue.

Site 3:

  • Steel and concrete installation is underway and is being staged on Wadsworth Street
  • Daily concrete operation from Hayward Street.

Site 4:

  • E38 interior and exterior renovation activities will continue, and will be serviced from Gate 11 (Between T and E38).
  • E39 slab on deck installation has started and is being serviced from Carleton Street, and on Main Street. Finishing of the concrete slab will require extended site hours on days of placements.
  • Steel erection for the 5th and 6th floors has begun and is supported from Hayward Street (North).

Site 5:

  • Daily deliveries of steel and concrete via Amherst Street to Carleton Street.
  • Daily trucking to remove material from the site Amherst Street to Carleton Street.

Police details will be utilized throughout the project area to assist with pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Large equipment will be removed and brought back to the site daily. This activity may occur after hours but no disruptions are expected.  

Saturday Work – General construction activities will continue on Saturdays. Work will occur within the City of Cambridge allowable work hours, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.