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Update #103

Construction Update February 28 - March 13

Street and Sidewalk Impacts

Wadsworth Street – Phase 2 Roadway Conditions into March 2020

  • Access to Wadsworth Street from Main Street is closed to all traffic. (W1) The Sloan and Eastgate lot entrance is closed at Wadsworth Street.
  • The street section from Memorial to Amherst Streets has returned to two-way traffic. (W2)
  • Walkways will be maintained and located as required around construction work zones.
  • Bicycles must be walked on the shared covered walkway.
  • Gate 3 near the Muckley Building continues to be heavily used.

Main Street

  • Construction access at Gate 1, located on Hayward Street off Main Street, continues to be a major entrance into the project for excavation and concrete.
  • Gate 2 near Wadsworth Street will continue to be used.
  • Work is expected to begin this spring on the renovation and modernization of the headhouse leading to the Kendall Square inbound MBTA station. Access to and from the station is scheduled to be maintained throughout construction. Pedestrian pathways will shift. (M1)
  • The covered pedestrian walkway will shift onto the new sidewalk closer to the 314 Main Street (Site 5).

 Amherst Street 

  • Amherst Street has returned to two-way traffic between Wadsworth and Ames Streets. (A1)
  • The entrance to the patients’ Medical Lot has been relocated to Amherst Street between Carleton and Hayward Streets. (A2). Ambulance and patient drop off only will use Carleton Street.
  • Hayward Street, from Main Street to Amherst Street, remains closed for vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
  • Sidewalk replacement work, Eversource Electric work and lighting install will continue on the northern side of the road, including at Carleton Street.

General Construction Update

Kendall Garage:

  • Reinforcement steel, concrete operations, and minor excavation will continue with trucking in and out of Gates 1, 4, 5, 6, and 7 at Amherst, Hayward, Carleton, and Main Streets.
  • Finishing of concrete underground may require extended hours on days of placements.

Site 3:

  • Steel deliveries continue for decking, roof dunnage, the atrium and bridge between the tower and 238 Main Street building.
  • Concrete slab placements are ongoing with trucks entering at Gates 1, 2, or 3. The finishing work will require extended hours.
  • The hoist and loading dock are operating on Wadsworth Street.
  • Levels will be added to the exterior elevator (hoist) starting at 8:00 AM on Saturday, February 29th and Sunday, March 1st.
  • Curtainwall deliveries and installation are ongoing.

Site 4:

  • E37 interior work continues.
  • All material deliveries to the loading dock will continue to come in from Main Street and exit at Carleton Street.

Site 5:

  • Daily deliveries and removal of materials will take place from Amherst Street to Carleton Street or in and out through two Main Street gates.
  • Interior work continues.
  • The site office entrance will shift from the MBTA headhouse area to Main Street at Dock Street.

Open Space

  • Pedestrian shifts are necessary as work continues on the sidewalk, concrete wall and steps along Carleton Street inside of the construction site.
  • The northern section of the ambulance drop-off/pick-up ramp at Carleton Street has reopened to allow patients to drive to the door from the south ramp entrance and continue straight to exit from the north ramp. Personnel are in place to direct patients to Medical from the lot.
  • The Medical Lot entrance is now on Amherst Street.

City – Ames Street and Memorial Drive Cycle Project

  • The new intersection on Memorial Drive at Ames Street is open. Bike signals will utilize overhead cameras for activation. Pedestrian crossing signals are activated by push buttons at all crosswalks. 
  • Traffic signal final adjustments are complete.
  • To accommodate an MIT steam project, traffic will continue to be one-way northbound from Amherst to Main Street from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM only. 
  • Eversource Gas will be working on Ames Street this spring.

City – Vassar Street Raised Cycle Track Project

  • Work will begin on extending the raised cycle track on Vassar Street to Main Street.
  • Phase 1 includes the area in front of the Stata Center (Building 32)
  • Detours will be set up to maintain pedestrian, bike and vehicle traffic. Police details will be on site to assist during all work.