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Update #107

Construction Restart

The Kendall Square projects will restart activities on site with remobilization, preparation work and landscaping beginning weekdays after Memorial Day weekend on May 26 and a full construction start the week of June 1 consistent with the requirements set forth by the City of Cambridge and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Each contractor is required to strictly adhere to its approved COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan including health monitoring, temperature screenings, hand washing, social distancing, the use of personal protective equipment, and regular cleaning of tools and high-touch surfaces. Projects will limit the number of workers in one area at a time including for vertical transportation such as the use of the exterior elevators and will proceed deliberately and cautiously with fewer workers before ramping up to their previous staff levels.

Next week equipment such as tower cranes will become operational and deliveries will begin through Kendall Square project site gates at 7 am in accordance with City of Cambridge construction work hours. The external elevator at Site 3 on Wadsworth Street will become operational with 6:30 am safety checks and to bring crews up to start work for 7 am. In addition, landscaping crews will be planting trees at the Medical Lot, Carleton Street and inside the site between Site 5 and E25 near Charlotte’s Way (Deacon Street).

Please contact with any questions or concerns.