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Update #127

Kendall Square Construction Update February 19 - March 5

Street and Sidewalk Impacts

Pedestrians and cyclists please beware of construction vehicles coming and going.

Wadsworth Street – Roadway Conditions into March

  • Access to Wadsworth Street from Main Street is closed to all traffic. (W1) The Sloan and Eastgate lot entrance is closed at Wadsworth Street.
  • Walkways will be maintained and located as required around construction work zones.
  • Bicycles must be walked on the shared covered walkway.
  • Gate 3 near the Muckley Building will be heavily used.

Main Street

  • The Main Street entrance to Hayward Street (Gate 1) is open to vehicles entering the underground loading dock at the grad tower at Site 4 (E37) and Site 5, 314 Main Street. On Saturday, February 27 a crane will be set up preventing deliveries from 9:00 am to noon.
  • Pedestrian access to E37 continues from Main Street to Hayward Street.
  • Gate 2 near Wadsworth Street will continue to be used.
  • Bike rack install will take place in front of the grad tower at Site 4, E37, and E38.
  • MBTA riders need to use the station access facing Main Street. The back head house access and escalator are closed until Fall 2021 for construction of the interim headhouse in Phase 1 of the renovation and modernization of the headhouse leading to the Kendall Square inbound MBTA station. (M1)
  • Crews will be working on the sidewalk in front of 238 Main Street, shifting pedestrian access across the street. 

Hayward Street

  • Only construction vehicles are allowed to enter Hayward Street from Amherst Street. 
  • A pedestrian walkway opened alongside the new plaza between Amherst and Main Streets.

Amherst Street 

  • The medical lot is open to MIT medical patients with pedestrian access along Amherst Street and to Carleton Street near the HP spaces.
  • Gate 4 at Hayward Street continues to be a major entrance and exit for construction trucks and equipment.
  • The catering ramp to the E40 Muckley loading dock remains closed. All cart deliveries to E40 will enter E51 and take the pedestrian bridge to the 3rd floor of E40.

Carleton Street

  • Trucks and construction equipment will access the MBTA headhouse site. Soil hauling continues. 
  • The walkway and entrance at E25 is closed into March for demolition and installation of final landscaping. The temporary walkway along Charlotte’s Way is closed, an emergency door from E25 and a route out of the site are available. Noise is expected, and concrete trucks will be in use in the area.
  • The new walkways to Dock and Main Streets and the MBTA Red Line station are open. Directional signage is in place.

General Construction Update

Hayward Garage:

  • The project has been completed and the certificate of occupancy has been acquired.

Site 1: 165 Main Street

  • Steel topping off complete. Steel detailing continues.
  • Concrete continues being placed.
  • Curtainwall installation continues.
  • MEP work progressing to the upper half of the building. A

Site 3:

  • Exterior work continues at the roof, the atrium and bridge between the tower and 238 Main Street building.
  • Concrete placements continue with trucks entering at Gates 1, 2, or 3.
  • The hoist and loading dock are operating from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM on Wadsworth Street through February 26.
  • On Saturday, February 27 through March 5 a crane will be in place on Wadsworth Street to dismantle the hoist (exterior elevator). The City of Cambridge has issued a noise variance from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm for this work. 
  • Occasional noisy work is underway inside 238 Main Street with interior demolition, steel installation and window replacement.

Site 4:  

  • All material deliveries to the underground loading dock will continue to come in from Main Street and exit at Amherst Street.

Site 5: 314 Main Street

  • Most deliveries take place at the underground loading dock.
  • Interior fit out is underway.
  • Exterior punchlist work continues.

Open Space

  • Concrete demolition and installation continue at E25/Charlotte’s Way.
  • Drainage work behind E40, the Muckley Building, is underway.
  • Work is underway bordering Site 3 off Hayward Street.