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Update #178

Kendall Square Construction Update February 3 - February 17

Street and Sidewalk Impacts

Pedestrians and cyclists please beware of construction vehicles coming and going.

Wadsworth Street – Roadway Conditions into January

  • Wadsworth Street pedestrian access has reopened the western sidewalk between Main and Amherst Streets on the 238 Main building and Muckley building side of the street. (W1) 
  • Pedestrian access is closed across the Eastgate/Sloan parking lot. Pedestrian access to/from the Sloan building and garage will be from Main Street. The Sloan and Eastgate lot vehicular entrance continues to be from Main Street and closed at Wadsworth Street. (W2)
  • Pedestrian access is maintained to the E53/E52 ramp while Site 2 work is underway.

Main Street

  • MBTA passengers are anticipated to be directed to the new headhouse leading to the Kendall Square inbound MBTA station (M1).  At that time the interim headhouse will be permanently closed. Watch for signage and fencing changes.
  • MBTA project deliveries will intermittently take place at a gate off Main Street near the MBTA station.
  • The inner sidewalk is closed to pedestrians from Wadsworth to Main Street. The Main Street access to the Sloan Garage will remain open throughout construction. A Sloan drop off/pick-up space will be maintained. 
  • An access driveway to Sloan Garage allows independent access to E62 (Sloan) and the garage without mixing with construction access for E55 demolition. Directional signage is posted and police details are on site to help direct traffic. (M2) 
  • The Main Street entrance to Hayward Street is open to vehicles entering the underground loading dock at the grad tower at Site 4 (E37), 238 Main Street and 314 Main Street.
  • A Site 2 (200 Main Street) construction gate (Gate 1) near Wadsworth is the entrance for Site 2 construction trucks and equipment. The gate (Gate 2) near the Sloan Drive is the exit for construction vehicles. Police details direct pedestrian, cycling and vehicular traffic in this area. Police details are on duty.
  • On Sunday, February 5 after 9 am manhole investigatory work will take place in the Sloan drive.  The Sloan Garage will remain open and access will be maintained.
  • Sidewalk work will take place in front of Gate 2 near the Sloan drive.

Hayward Street

  • Only construction vehicles and those going to the E40 loading dock are allowed to enter Hayward Street from Amherst Street. 

Amherst Street 

  • A manhole investigation will take place at the corner of Wadsworth and Amherst streets in front of E40.
  • The medical lot is open to MIT medical patients with pedestrian access along Amherst Street and to Carleton Street near the HP spaces.

Carleton Street

  • Trucks and construction equipment will access the MBTA headhouse site. Concrete placements and demolition continues and cranes are on site.
  • The walkways to Dock and Main Streets and the MBTA Red Line station are open. Directional signage is in place.
  • Through access to Dock Street via Charlotte’s Way is open.

General Construction Update

Site 1: 165 Main Street

  • Move-ins complete.
  • Triangle Park construction is complete.

Site 2:

  • Early Monday, February 6 morning between 1:30 and 3 am, an oversized trailer will pick up a crane on site and remove it.
  • A caisson rig is on site to extract existing underground piles. This activity will create noise and some intermittent vibrations.
  • Site preparation and pre-trenching for slurry wall foundation operation underway.
  • Underground investigations will take place in the southeast corner of the site near the Hermann Building. Excavation will be done by a vacuum truck, which will generate noise.

Site 3: 238 Main Street

  • Fit-outs are underway inside the tower and 238 Main Street.
  • Most material deliveries continue to the underground loading dock in and out of Main Street at Hayward Street

Site 4:  Grad Tower, 45 Hayward Street, and 292 Main Street

  • All material deliveries to the underground loading dock will continue to come in and out from Main Street.

Site 5: 314 Main Street

  • Most deliveries take place at the underground loading dock.
  • Interior fit out is underway.

Open Space

  • Landscaping punchlist is ongoing.
  • Paver installation within and around the MBTA headhouse site will continue into early 2023.