Kendall Square: MXD Substation Development Plan

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Update #20

Thank you + on to Design Review!

After nearly 24 months of community conversations and many public meetings, the Planning Board and CRA Board have granted a special permit for the MXD Substation development project.

Collectively, the project will deliver approximately 420,000 SF of residential apartment homes and 800,000 SF of commercial space as well as a new Center Plaza public open space and below grade electrical substation to ensure resilience and stability for the region's electrical grid. We’d like to thank everyone for the time and effort you’ve dedicated to the conversation about this project. We are grateful for your feedback, opinions, and suggestions, which have helped shape our plans to your vision and the needs of the community.

The next steps for the proposed buildings, and the Center Plaza open space, will be to enter the design review process overseen by the CRA and Planning Board. Two public design review meetings have been scheduled to discuss the commercial and residential buildings. Meeting details are below. We'd love your participation!

Upcoming CRA & Planning Board Public Hearings

April 12th @ 6:30pm - 135 Broadway Residential Building Design Review

April 19th @ 6:30pm - 250 and 290 Binney Street Commercial Building Design Review

To continue to follow the design review process, visit the CRA website here.