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How can new public art honor the history and culture of Glendale?
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The new park space in front of the Central Library is a great location for public sculpture.

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Glendale needs a happening location for the arts, the artists and the creative souls! Maryland is the perfect spot for that vibe. It's usually dead...but I believe we can bring artists, performers, musicians... Read more

I am recommending mural of a positive image of a police officer that includes a child and an animal in a park like or nature setting. This image would be directly across the street from the police station.

Maryland Avenue as an arts destination could be unified by a single lighting strategy between Wilson and Harvard - perhaps with a series of new light fixtures, overhead string / cafe lights, or a more... Read more

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I agree. This spot has special potential to be charming and quaint like other hip, walkable streets (e.g. Carmel). With something like twinkle lights, colorful fixtures/decorative features/art, and creative... Read more


Montrose Community Park would make a great location to create a water or sculptural piece or game that children and adults could enjoy exploring the idea of play.

Where the pedestrian bridge joins the Marketplace Garage there is tall, narrow blank wall that would be a great location for a mural or three-dimensional hanging sculpture or light feature.

Now that the front door of the Library faces the south wall of the Marketplace Garage, this facade needs to be enhanced with somekind of three-dimensional art, maybe something like metal screenwork.

Brand Library with its surrounding park is the ideal location for a contemporary sculpture that celebrates all the arts that can be accessed there--visual and performing. This should be a major commission.

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