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How can new public art honor the history and culture of Glendale?
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Turn the abandon shops on Maryland into art galleries showcasing local and abroad artists.

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As a former Cultural Arts Commissioner in Burbank, I would like to see the addition of Projection Mapping events on the sides of high-profile buildings in Glendale. The library walls at Brand Park and... Read more

Hello, as an artist and short film maker, and resident of Glendale for a long time till a year ago I would like to see support from the city regarding the new and old generation in Glendale. I would like... Read more

I love art but only in its property place and contained in a building. I have never been a fan of art in the public area, it always appears as if a talented kid placed it there instead of on a canvas in... Read more

I agree that Brand Blvd should in its entirety be targeted as an arts centric area - something welcoming people into the city at the southern most city limits (and perhaps a companion at the top) should... Read more

Anna, are you actually implying the beautiful pieces of art already around town in public spaces look like a "talented kid" created them? Art is very subjective, I'll admit, but that is a serious slight... Read more

I love art, so I do not mean to insult anyone. I am not a fan of wall art unless it is within the walls of a gallery.

I appreciate your opinion, but disagree. I think that limiting art to the inside of buildings means that certain people will have much less exposure to art. Many poor people think that art exhibits are... Read more

There’s plenty of wall art in the disadvantaged neighborhoods, due to they had to get to it before the taggers. Not interested in wall art. Of any kind. Glendale is beautiful by itself.

Anna Robinson! Please come to the meeting to express your disdain. All voices should be heard. Thank y ou for your honesty. Do you like any art at all?


Adams Square... Read more

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the Adams Sq Gas Station is a historic resource and arts venue for public display. Our historic resources should be utilized more systematically as arts venues.

Thanks to Arlene Vidor and the Adams Hill Neighborhood Association, this histoic site was saved from the wrecking ball and commercialization .. If the City of Glendale will up the ante for more installation... Read more


The Space134 proposal suggests beautifying existing freeway overpasses with public art by replacing the existing chain-link fence with something more attractive - perhaps designed by an artists, such as... Read more

"iwitness:... Read more

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Maryland Ave would be an ideal location to create an exciting arts focused city block. An anchor art installation could be the backdrop for live performances, art walks and interactive events.

Recently, I suggested installation of bumps in the road on Maryland that would sound a familiar tune when driven over at a specific speed. Speeding, of course, is an issue in Glendale!

I've seen those and they are so cool! Maryland is closed to car traffic though...maybe someplace else in the City?

Between Broadway and Wilson, I think that there is traffic allows. However, another way to create an installation there would be a series of pickets, each tuned to a specific note that when struck with... Read more

Central Park is an excellent location for Art walks. Let's do these monthly. Curate with local artists and well known outside artists.

...oops, and MONA. Arlene earlier commented on The Americana and The Galleria as venues for music, art and other pop-ups. This could be tied in as well.


As a muralist and mosaicist I think more murals and mosaics that represent the community would help to beautify the areas, foster a sense of pride and serve as landmarks we can be proud of. Thank you... Read more

The new park space in front of the Central Library is a great location for public sculpture.

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An addition of sculpture around the library will help tie it to Central Park. The walkways exist so lets add art for the public to view.

It would also be great if we would add a mural to the big concrete square that is on the southwest corner of the library!


The railroad overpass and sloped embankments at Los Feliz and Brand represent great opportunities for "gateway" art, utilizing lighting, murals and landscape architecture. This opportunity has been called... Read more

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I would love to see a Kinetic sculpture here visible from the trains and accessible by pedestrians. An Anthony Hall stainless steel sculpture would be eye catching and encourage people to look further... Read more


The City and MONA should collaborate with the Car Dealers to get vintage neon signs of the dealerships installed along S Brand Bvld - if not in the median, than perhaps in the lobbies of the individual... Read more

Glendale needs a happening location for the arts, the artists and the creative souls! Maryland is the perfect spot for that vibe. It's usually dead...but I believe we can bring artists, performers, musicians... Read more

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If Glendale sincerely wants to have a public arts program I hope that they will consider hiring a trained professional with a degree in Public Art to head and coordinate city efforts. Persons in charge... Read more

I agree, Elizabeth. Cindy Cleary has a background in art. As it stands, the Arts and Culture Commission consists of political appointees. Keeping politics out of this will be a challenge.


Underground here I understand is an old bathroom from when this was a red car end-stop. First I just want to get in there and see it as-is, please, but it's be a very cool venue to re-purpose. Even just... Read more

The twice failed multiplex on Maryland and Wilson (most recently Five-Star Cinema) could be re-purposed into the proposed Armenian Museum. If the Museum included a video/exhibition space it would add to... Read more

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I agree. that would be a great space for it. I like the Skirball Cultural Center model - a cultural museum that is based on Armenian cultural matters but rotates related exhibitions.

An Armenian Museum on Maryland modeled on the Skirball Center is an excellent idea. It would finally bring something vibrant to the former Five Star space and compliment the other cultural venues nearby--the... Read more

Saving green space, to me, is an aesthetic call and I had not thought of Maryland Paseo.. ants’umayin chanaparhov.. Parking is already in place. Green space is saved and activity on Maryland is enhanced!


I'd love to see beautification on this often used pedestrian tunnel that connects the community around Franklin Elementary with Griffith Manor Park. A big stained glass mosaic would be wonderful!

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Yes! So many possibilities. I had an idea to paint a large mural inside the tunnel that could respond to ultraviolet light.

Yes,the tunnel is the perfect place to dispaly art. Perhaps the studetns of Franklin might have some input on the art that is displayed since it is a tunnel primarily used by elementary school students... Read more

Glendale's unique, historic Rancho district needs environmental/outdoor sculpture, telecomm boxes painted, and various sophisticated yet natural expressions for this important gateway to/from Glendale... Read more


I'd like to see Glendale High (and ALL the schools in Glendale) make their structures the venues for art, utilizing the talents of their gifted students.

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How can we make the beautiful work being done at the schools more 'public' in the sense that we all know about it and can appreciate it. - including those who do not have children attending the schools?

Arlene! If Emily Goff and other teachers would ask their students and their parents to attend the meeting on October 18th, that would be a show of support that will be impressive to the Powers that Be.... Read more

I would love to contact you and we'd love you to be part of the public conversation. Are you coming to the public meeting on October 18?

Allison–we have sent you an email directly with more information about the Oct. 18th meeting and the campaign.

Emily–excited to see you there! If you have any immediate questions, feel free to... Read more

All teachers in GUSD: My name is Maureen Cassidy andI would love to connect with you. I am currently in the ArtsForLA Fellowship program ACTIVATE and I am representing GUSD. I am the only one from GUSD... Read more

Dear Maureen.. Please reach out to all of your students and all of their parents regarding this meeting. The more interested participants attending, the better. I grand show of support for art in the... Read more

As a father whose son may one day attend a GUSD school, I would love to see a bunch of students show up to support public art in the Glendale community! more art in schools and more art in the community... Read more


This is an underpass between Wilson Middle School and Glendale High School. Hundreds of children walk under this under pass every day. Many, many cars drive through the underpass. Lets have beautiful... Read more

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"I believe the children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier"

Let's make Glendale a city of murals!
Every underpass should have a mural! We have talented artists who live in this city three high schools and three middle schools that have fantastic art departments!... Read more

I am with ya, Steve. I love the vibrant street murals in DTLA. Lets do something like that, but Glendale Style

Agreed! Glendale is rich in culture and traditions! Who better than artists to discover and express that style! I like the way you think lady!

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