Final Approval!

The Downtown Riverfront Master Plan was unanimously approved by the Board of Aldermen at their October 10th meeting. 

This plan, developed over a few short months, is the result of thousands of responses from you and our community. We wish to sincerely thank you for all of your ideas and the many conversations which have resulted in a plan that envisions a new future for our downtown riverfront. This plan will guide the development of our downtown riverfront for many years to come.

The next step is to begin moving forward with implementation, likely over several phases. We will be engaging with you our stakeholders and partners to move this forward. Thank you!

Almost Complete!

The Downtown Riverfront Master Plan has reached its final draft form. 

On Thursday, September 14th the plan, with all of your ideas and initiatives will be before the Planning Board for adoption, and then on to the Board of Aldermen for final approval later this month. This plan, developed over a few short months, is the result of thousands of responses from you and our community. We wish to sincerely thank you for all of your ideas and many conversations which have resulted in a plan that will guide the development of our downtown riverfront for years to come. Once the final plan is adopted, we will be engaging our many stakeholders and partners to begin the implementation of the priorities identified in the plan. Thank you!

Thank You for Being Part of the Riverfront Plan

The Development of Riverfront Plan for Downtown Nashua has been a unique opportunity for the City of Nashua and we wish to thank everyone who has contributed over the last 3 months. Not only is this a great plan for the future of the riverfront in Downtown, it will also guide thinking for initiatives which will shape our Downtown in the coming years.

Each of you have taken the time to put forth ideas or contribute to the dialogue for our city. Your participation will lead the ongoing discussion and thinking by elected officials, the business community, and residents as they seek to prioritize our downtowns’ needs.

I want to personally thank all of you who supported and contributed to the efforts associated with the Downtown Riverfront Development Plan. As a result of your efforts, we now have a vision for a continuous Riverwalk which connects downtown to Mine Falls Park, new physical connections to and along the riverfront, and a wayfinding program which will orient and inform users.

None of this vision would be possible without your support and engagement. Thank you for everything you put into making Downtown Nashua a great place to live, work, and play.

Below are links to artists renderings of the four focus areas of the Riverfront Plan we hope you will enjoy them as much as we do. Please feel free to share them with your friends and family:

In the coming weeks, we will be sure to reach out to share information on the final report as well as the presentation to the Board of Alderman.

Summary of Final Meeting + Next Steps

Last week, Halvorson Design, in conjunction with the Community Development Division and Mayor Donchess, presented renderings of the Riverfront Development Plan to the public. After months of community input and design study, the presentation was an opportunity to gather more feedback and clearly identify three main priorities:

  • Creation of a continuous Downtown Nashua riverwalk loop with clear connections to Mine Falls Park and the Heritage Rail Trail.
  • Enhancement of physical connections and “visual access” to and along the river “for use and exploring.”
  • Development of wayfinding signage program for the riverwalk “to orient and inform users.”

You can get a better idea of the focus areas for improvement in the video above.

There were lots of supportive comments from attendees, including residents, business owners, and aldermen. Thank you for all your support over the last three months! We'll keep you informed as a final report is assembled for a presentation to the Board of Alderman at the end of the summer.

In the next few days, we'll post PDFs of the detailed renderings and additional documents reviewed during the in-person meeting last week. Feel free to add your comments online as we post new content!

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Final Outreach Meeting this Wednesday

Our final public outreach meeting will be this Wednesday (June 28th) at 6:00pm in the City Hall Auditorium, Please join us to go over the concepts for development. This will be the last in-person meeting prior to finalizing the planning documents.

Please RSVP to the Facebook Event Here

We hope you have valued the participation process for the Riverfront Development Plan. We are getting into the final leg of the planning exercise. The concepts have been crafted and draft plans developed. The design consultant (Halvorson Engineering) is now ready to share the following deliverables on June 28th: Aerial video, graphic analysis, summary of public participation, overall & localized conceptual plans, precedent images, before and after illustrations.. Additionally, a budget and schedule will be developed into a report and associated executive summary for presentation to the Board of Alderman in late summer with recommendations for allocating funds towards the highest priority improvements.

You can check out the concept plans in the link below, do not forget to leave comments on the concept focus areas in the Comments Tab.

Concept Plan: Amory St

Concept Plan: Jackson

Concept Plan: Front St

Concept Plan: Millyard

Riverfront Focus Areas

The concept plans need your review & input!

The City of Nashua is excited to share with you new content for the Riverfront Masterplan. As this planning project enters the final phase of public outreach, we want to show you the core areas for proposed improvements so you can let us know if the plans are on the right track and reflect your input. Please take a moment out of your day to share your thoughts on the new plans by clicking the link below.

Thank you for all your participation in the Downtown Riverfront Plan. If you value this community engagement approach to this planning project, please share this coUrbanize page with your friends and neighbors:

We heard you, now the plan is taking shape!

Thanks for all your ideas to create a shared vision for Downtown Nashua's Riverfront!

We've discussed your suggestions with residents, elected officials, property owners, and businesses. Based on all the input, Community Development and Halvorson Engineering presented four "Priority Projects" during an in-person meeting at City Hall on May 30.

The four quadrants (linked below and under "Info & Plans" on the Info tab) illustrate the various ideas that rose to the top across the master planning area. Please review these plans in anticipation of the next stage of community input for the "Priority Projects" which we will launch in the next few days.

Ideas Diagram: The Millyard

Ideas Diagram: Greeley & Cotton

Ideas Diagram: Jackson Falls

Ideas Diagram: Amory & Bridge

Your input ensures the plans developed are authentic to the priorities of the community. The input you provide will have a direct impact on the final master plan, which will be ready just a few short weeks from now.

Thank you for all your participation in the Downtown Riverfront Plan. If you value this community engagement approach to this planning project, please share this coUrbanize page with your friends and neighbors:

Flying High with Downtown Nashua’s Riverfront Plan

We are blown away by your participation on the riverfront plan, both at in-person meetings and through the interactive project page on coUrbanize! Collectively you have highlighted needs for: quality outdoor civic spaces, pedestrian infrastructure, and new forms of river access. Our consultants, Halvorson Design, are refining these suggestions into design elements.

We're reaching out to share some great new aerial footage of the riverfront in Downtown (see above!) and to let you know that the Community Development Division and Halvorson Design will be hosting another in-person meeting on May 30, 6-7pm in the City Hall Auditorium to share conceptual diagrams for the riverfront. It's the first opportunity for you to see what the consultants are proposing. Don't miss out! Of course, we'll post details the design concepts on coUrbanize afterwards.

Last thing: comments on the online map will close after May 30. After that, we'll be transitioning into a new phase of online discussion. Please share the project with friends and neighbors! Send them to

Public Riverfront Development Meeting

This Wednesday, the 12th of April, we had a public meeting to see what all of you had to say about how we can best improve the riverfront. Thank you to everyone who came and gave us valuable feedback! For more information on the meeting, see Thursday’s edition of the Nashua Telegraph.

In other news, we've added some more files to browse and we've now had almost 100 people let us know their thoughts on the project! Keep the ideas coming!


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