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Prioritize the more vulnerable users in the intersection, including pedestrians, people with mobility issues, transit users, and cyclist movements through the intersection so that they have priority over... Read more...

Great Ideas! I think this definitely needs to be reflected in the design.

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Thanks for this input, Daniel! Mobility and site access are two themes we're consistently hearing about and will certainly be part of the discussion as we continue through this planning process.

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Create a pedestrian friendly path walk crossing the highway intersection.

This is a great idea!

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This area is very dangerous for bicyclists here and all the way up broad street to NRG station.

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In addition to pedestrian walkway along the Delaware River, the Navy Yard site should include public access to the river for kayaks, paddleboards, canoes and other boat craft.

Create a safe, well lit shared path from Roosevelt Park/FDR to 87th St allowing commuters/visitors an alternative to Broad Street. As the parks new master plan is currently being developed there is a unique... Read more...

Install green infrastructure throughout the Navy Yard project site to reduce water quality and stormwater impacts to the Delaware River.

Create a workforce program at the navy yard that can affect the region and improve upstream quality.

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Hire returning citizens/nonprofits and for-profit companies that reduce recidivism and create career paths. The City has tons of connections and programs.

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Maintain the vacant land as natural floodplain instead of redevelopment

Connect this. Let peds and bicyclists thru. Existing security is great for peds and bikes. Don't let dumping idiot vehicles in.

Build bridge to Delaware Avenue from here

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There is already a backlog of traffic at broad street and 26th street. This is the only other current access to the navy yard. Open this up and allow more traffic to flow in from Delaware Ave.

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This is an extremely dangerous intersection for pedestrians and cyclists that many commuters must navigate daily. Any dedicated lane or path for non-cars would be an upgrade.

Plenty of room here for a full, off-street MUP, so that I don't have to feel guilty about biking on the sidewalk. Way too dangerous to navigate around all the highway and sports traffic.

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Add some direct, ped- and bike-only connections to FDR park, so that park users don't have to cross highways to get there

Reopen Delaware Ave to Kitty Hawk to Navy Yard. Unfair seizure by govt. This thruway belongs to citizens of Philadelphia. SAD

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Have signs made that describe what certain area’s of the yard used to be for Naval use. Almost like the signs you would see at historical buildings/battlefields. Start attracting the history buffs.

Including some info for the old airfield (Mustin Field) would be nice too.

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Create a water taxi service from the Navy Yard to Red Bank/Gloucester City to improve connectivity to South Jersey, and reduce dependence on driving to/from Philadelphia. Could be operated in conjunction... Read more...

Include a mix of low income, workforce, and market rate housing along with amenities and services within walking distance. Also consider higher frequency bus service with dedicated lanes on Broad St leading... Read more...

I think the airport approach makes this untenable. How do current tenants deal with noise?

Re-route I-95 underground so that a pedestrian-friendly, bike-friendly plaza with limited motor-vehicle access would connect the Navy Yard with the stadium complex.

Broad Street Extension Line?

Between PIDC and the developer, they should have the courage and foresight to reanalyze the shelved SEPTA plan, and recognize ways they can reduce the cost (using cut-and-cover/sequential excavation rather... Read more...

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Connecting the promenade to Delaware ave so cyclists/ pedestrians can connect to the river trail would be great.

Extending the Broad Street Line to the Navy Yard should be a top priority.

Hi Liam, thanks for sharing this. SEPTA has actually looked into this and their report findings can be found here ( Unfortunately, the study... Read more...

I studied the plan, and I think that the cost estimates for the extension were far too high due to unnecessary construction methods like tunnel boring machines and NFPA cross-passage tunnels, that would... Read more...

Consider the effects of flooding and sea level rise as well and the effects an hurricane like sandy had on Nyc transit

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