• completedCreated by Corey Niemann from the Noun Project>

    Finalize Plan

    Building on all project phases, the final Connected Community Plan will be developed and delivered.

  • meetingCreated by Shastry from the Noun Project

    Prioritize Opportunities

    Based on community input and technical analysis, identified opportunities will be prioritized based on their feasibility and potential social, economic, and environmental impacts. Implementation plans will be created for prioritized opportunities.

  • approvedCreated by Mushu from the Noun Project

    Identify Opportunities

    Utilizing community feedback and the technical assessment of the Navy Yard's current conditions, the team will identify potential opportunities to improve users' experiences at the Navy Yard.

  • applicationCreated by Juicy Fish from the Noun Project

    Understand Current Conditions

    Review and analyze the the Navy Yard's current conditions and community needs to identify gaps between the Navy Yard now and the vision for its future.

  • meetingCreated by Shastry from the Noun Project

    Visioning and Engagement

    Commence community outreach and create a vision for how the Navy Yard can enhance the experience of businesses, employees, visitors, and future residents.