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Update #4

The Navy Yard has New Opportunities to Provide Feedback

Thank you to everyone who has reached out about additional ways to stay involved! We appreciate your willingness to provide additional feedback! If anyone missed the last update, this form can be used to express interest in joining additional conversations about the Navy Yard and ways you think it could evolve to better meet your needs and wants.

To keep the conversation going, we’ve taken what we’ve heard from you and are excited to announce that a fresh set of questions is now posted on the coUrbanize project site! Using some of the input we collected from the last set of questions, we hope that this new set of questions will help everyone continue the conversation on important issues and as always, the general comment line and map are open for unstructured comments, suggestions, and questions.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated as we continue the conversation around the Navy Yard Community Plan. To expand the conversation, be sure to spread the word. Click the “Share” button to share the project site with fellow Philadelphians via Twitter, Facebook, or Email and ask them to join the conversation.