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Update #7

The Project Enters its Final Phase

The project has entered its final analysis phase and the feedback we collect from community members here on the coUrbanize site and throughout the process continues to prove invaluable. Most recently, the comments and feedback on the Navy Yard shuttle system, how to best incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as historic and natural preservation as the site continues to evolve have been insightful and continue to guide project discussions.


To keep the feedback coming, we’ve taken what we’ve heard from you and just published a new set of questions based on feedback and input we’ve collected from the last round of questions and engagement. As always, the general comment option and map are open for all unstructured comments, suggestions, and questions.


To keep the conversation going into the final project phases, be sure to spread the word. Click the “Share” button to share the project site with fellow Philadelphians via Email, Facebook, or Twitter and ask them to join in.