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Update #8

Last Call for Project Input

Over the past year, this project has sought your input on the facets of life and visiting the Navy Yard which are most important to the community, and the responses have been overwhelming. As this project ends, we want to take a moment and thank everyone for their time and input throughout this process. From comments on the need to balance growth with preservation and honoring history, to the infrastructure and scheduling concerns around the shuttle system, to how one most likes to get around the site has all been valuable input as the Navy Yard plans for its evolution and growth over the next few years.  


Though this project site will close and be archived at the end of the day on Friday 3/12/2021, please keep the feedback coming! All received comments will be collected and considered for the final plan. The recently published questions will remain up until the project site is closed, so please add your thoughts to those questions or contribute to the general question thread if you have other thoughts or ideas you’d like to share. 


There’s still time to bring more people to the conversation too. Spread the word by clicking the “Share” button to share the project site with fellow Philadelphians via Email, Facebook, or Twitter and ask them to join in.