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What other questions or suggestions do you have about this project?

This project could gain state-wide attention as a first NO-GAS development, a perfect response to 2018 Gas Disaster!! This would mean using geothermal and solar for power- NO gas. Could be outside money... Read more...

Yes, yes, yes!!!! Gas free for healthier, safer living and to lower our climate impact!

Lee B has thought about almost everything. Don't forget to include public art installations, or spaces for future art created by the community!

Love Lee Bluemel's comments. Organic management and no pesticides. Provide a racially/ethnically diverse and welcoming environment.

Yes!, we share your passion for environmentally friendly development. The current Royal Crest is outdated with very inefficient heating systems and infrastructure well beyond its useful life, plus a design... Read more...

How about community gardens where residents and others nearby could grow food items for potential sale to the rest of the community?