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This is my neighborhood of bungalows and Capes. These are smaller houses practical for singles and relatively affordable for families. They have yards for kids to play in. This neighborhood needs to be... Read more

Washington Street along the pike is a scar running through the city that should be able to present great development and community opportunities. Whether it's parking, green space, retail, bike lanes,... Read more

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Connecting this with the Charles River bikeway would be a great addition to Newton's bike effort.

Thanks for your thoughts, Alan. Washington Street definitely presents a lot of untapped potential. If you were in charge of redesigning the area, what would you prioritize?

Walnut Street intersects... Read more

Washington Street between Newton-Wellesley Hospital and the entrance to the Pike is a huge scar. Despite repaving a few years ago, it remains a nightmare to drive with all the potholes. and cars swerving... Read more

City of Newton, I think it is the nature of a Design Charrette that we don't preset priorities. I attended the Newtonville meeting with the 20 minute table talks and as a architect with some real experience... Read more

We need a major bike-way paralleling the Mass Pike. See my comments on Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT). Governor Baker has put fiscal... Read more

Upgrade the Newtonville commuter rail stop and add bike parking.

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There is SOME bike parking, but it isn't obvious--near the bus stop at Walnut/Washington.

This is not a train stop for anyone with the slightest mobility issues. There is no elevator to get to/from street level to train level and it a very big step up (and down) to board and get off the train.... Read more

For the large number of daily train riders, this train stop gives a constantly bad impression of what Newtonville has to offer.

I agree. Let get serious and do something. See my comments on Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT). Governor Baker has put fiscal resources... Read more

Keep single family housing zoning and add more green space. Support local business - meaning to NOT develop big box stores nearby.

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Hi Pamela, Thanks for your comment! We agree - local businesses are so valuable in Newton. An updated zoning ordinance aims to support the evolving needs of small businesses in Newton. We hope you... Read more

Add a well-marked crosswalk for Newton Center residents to safely cross Beacon from Garland Road and the aqueduct path in order to shop on the south side of Beacon Street.

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We need to permit walking on the Sudbury aqueduct first--Newton is the last city on the Sudbury to move on permitting walking. Currently, this is technically illegal.

I agree Andreae. Can we have a parallel bike-way here? See my comments on Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT). Governor Baker has put fiscal... Read more

The Mosman - Maynard neighborhood (perhaps we could call it Quabeca - the Quadrilateral below Calvary Cemetery) is under siege as these lovely, smaller, and relatively affordable homes are being torn down... Read more

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Perhaps a more forgiving setback and height provisions for existing housing, allowing modest growth and change would help, too.

Unfortunately there is very little backbone among the City Council to do anything about this, and it's not a priority for the Planning Dept, which is preoccupied with adding units anywhere and any way... Read more

With Auburndale already being overrun with condominiums taking the place of a single family home, adding a huge project to the Turtle Lane Playhouse location is overkill. A bucolic place in a family home... Read more

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A more accessible train station and a few more commuters here (who preferably walk to the station) would help make the case for T-level service from Auburndale and the other commuter rail stations in Newton.

Kelley asks, won't more homes limit prices? No. We're not on an island in the middle of the ocean. Any price effect would be short term, as increased supply would cause more people to choose to live in... Read more

Fix the sidewalks along the route to the train. It's falling apart.

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This is supposed to be part of the West Newton Washington St. project. Tell the City Council to approve and fund this project.

I is great to see that others think the sidewalk are an embarrassment. After all the work and cost of putting in those beautiful red bricks then patching it with blacktop makes it look like a village... Read more

Newton Corner has one of the larger collections of commercial (office) buildings in the city. However, when I worked here the vacancy was high; this building usually one+ floor empty. The access to the... Read more

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I think the roads here could be narrowed for better safety and to allow more foot traffic--and sidewalks. Is there a plan?

I agree the current buildings loom over people and feel oppressive. This whole city block should be torn down and rebuilt to be appealing to pedestrians. Needless to say the circle of death is also a... Read more

Newton Corner at the "Circle of Death" is an example of what happens when people who think they know better than the existing residents try to impose their utopian planning ideas on a village. Don't let... Read more

Consider a "transportation hub" zone that prioritizes bike storage, pedestrian access routes, and ride sharing accommodations. This could be applied to all T stations, many commercial centers, school areas,... Read more

Clean up Bullough's Pond so that it safely freezes in the winter and ice skating could return to the Pond.

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and while we are there can we do something about the wretched state of the vegetation along Walnut on the pong right near Comm Ave? Not that this is a zoning thing -but getting a neighborhood gardening... Read more

Idea for zoning improvement

The patterns that occur in Newton are interesting. Some areas are quite dense and others much less so. However, the assumption seems to be that, once a pattern is determined, then future development... Read more

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I agree, What appears to be missing is the lack of definition the requirements for Transition Zoning Property - where different abutting zoning properties have additional limitations on what is acceptable... Read more

Like Walnut and Beacon, and Walnut and Washington, this should be an All-Way Pedestrian crossing with cars stopped (red light) on all streets. Also should be no turn on red lights. I've nearly been run... Read more

A problem facing Newton and other communities around Boston is the lack of space that can be developed, which contributes to the teardown phenomenon and developer gold rush to build luxury condos, high-end... Read more

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I have often thought of this, as well, partly becasue my house is near the Turnpike. Biggest issue may be obvious: building the deck is extremely expensive. Developers may need so much density to make... Read more

Thanks for your thoughts Ian! Our zoning team is taking a look at what options are for air rights today. One consideration is that the state typically has jurisdiction over air rights, not the municipal... Read more

Reply to the City Planning Office's reply to my original suggestion: I think now is the time to initiate discussions with the state, or form a coalition with other communities facing a space crunch to... Read more

Ian, I agree with you. It's actually not that expensive to deck over parts of the Pike. The person who supervised air rights deals over the Pike for the state under the last governor told me that to... Read more

Dear "City of Newton",

In reply to Ian, you wrote the following:

"Thanks for your thoughts Ian! Our zoning team is taking a look at what options are for air rights today. One consideration... Read more

Thanks Kathleen for providing a cost estimate ($60M for one section of the Pike from Walnut to Lowell). Considering the high price developers are willing to pay for land in Newton ($27 million for the... Read more

See my comments on Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT). Governor Baker has put fiscal resources to support this environmental effort. We... Read more

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