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Update #16

Hot off the press!

Today we are releasing a full draft of the Pattern Book.

This draft Pattern Book—one of the primary components of Phase 2 of Zoning Reform—serves as the primary analysis of the city’s built patterns and as the basic framework from which a new, context-based zoning code will take shape.

The Pattern Book is intended to capture the character of Newton’s neighborhoods and village centers at a moment in time while recognizing that the city will continue to grow and change. In addition, the pattern book is intended to be used as a resource for decision-makers, property owners, developers, and designers working outside the formal zoning approvals process who aim to make informed choices on the design, siting, and uses of new development with respect to its compatibility with existing contexts.

Going forward, the planning team will work with City Council to create new zoning districts based on what is learned from these patterns and will establish rules and procedures for new development that respect and respond to the adjacent forms, dimensions, and general characteristics that make up a neighborhood.

Please join us next week on Thursday, May 11th from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. for a public Zoning Redesign Workshop at Wilson Chapel at Andover Newton, 234 Herrick Rd. At that event we will engage with the draft Pattern Book, conduct a visual preference survey, and look ahead to the next phase of the project: drafting the new zoning ordinance. RSVP here.