community review
Phase Community Review

What's in the Works

We want to hear from you about how to make the neighborhood safer and more comfortable to get around. Ohio City Incorporated has hired 3MPH Planning, a planning firm that will be working to identify safety and mobility problems as well as opportunities to promote better access in the neighborhood.

How You Can Help

You can help us by using the interactive map to point out issues you have noticed in the neighborhood. Whether it's an unsafe intersection, a missing sidewalk connection, or oddly timed traffic signal, we want to know! If you want to point out features you like (for example, a bike lane or a quiet section of street) we encourage you to do so as well.

When using the interactive map, please use the color-coded pins (green = works great, yellow = could be better, red = what's missing) and identify the specific issue that you are referring to. This will help us understand the exact problem and seek a workable solution.

After that, head over to the Feedback tab to add additional comments and provide us with demographic info if you'd like! Your information will be private and only used for the purpose of this study.

If you have feedback you would like to suggest about how the project could be improved, please email or

What's Happening Next

Once all the information is gathered, Ohio City Inc. and 3MPH will develop a plan to address some of the issues the community has identified. The goal is to develop some short-term solutions that can be built quickly, using temporary materials like paint and bollards. This will allow us to test the effectiveness... Read more...