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Update #24

Charles Park Weekly Construction Update For Week Beginning: 10/31/2022

Saturday 10/29/2022

TG Gallagher will be setting up a crane on Cambridgeside Place (Near Cambridgeside), to hoist mechanical piping up to the roof of the Charles Building.

Cox Engineering will be receiving a pipe and HVAC duct delivery in the Rogers courtyard. They will use the hoist to bring the materials up into the building.

Charles Services Laborers will be on site to clean up on the roof as well as perform a cleanup in the Rogers Courtyard.

All other work will occur inside of the building.

All work will be performed within the City of Cambridge noise ordinance.

Please see the two- week construction look ahead schedule for the week beginning: 10/31/22 at Charles Park in Cambridge, MA. 


Week of 10/31/22 – 11/4/22 

·   Manganaro Drywall will continue to receive deliveries of drywall framing and sheathing in the Rogers Courtyard.

  • TG Gallagher will continue to receive deliveries of pipe and mechanical equipment through the Rogers Courtyard.
  • Greenwood Industries will continue roof installation at the 6th floor balcony above the Rogers Courtyard.
  • All other deliveries will continue into the Rogers Courtyard to continue to load the building with materials

Logistics / Impact: 

  • There will be increased truck traffic on Rogers Street with trucks accessing the loading dock and the courtyard lay down area for deliveries and dumpster swaps. 
  • There will be regular periods of traffic stoppage while trucks pull in and pull out of the site. 


Working Hours: 

Work will occur on site from 7:00am – 6:00pm (Per the City of Cambridge Construction noise ordinance). After hours work may occur if approved with a ‘off hours’ work permit. 

Please see the attached link for more information regarding the City of Cambridge noise ordinance. Please scroll down to construction for the specific information relating to construction: 


Upcoming Work: (Week Of 11/7/22) 

·       Drywall framing and sheathing deliveries - continued from week of 10/31

·       Mechanical pipe deliveries - continued from week of 10/31

·       Crane Picks at the Rogers Courtyard and Cambridgeside Place - continued from week of 10/31


Outside Contractors / City of Cambridge Work: 

Please note that outside contractors such as Eversource, National Grid, Comcast, Verizon, the City of Cambridge, etc. will require access to their infrastructure in and around the area of Charles Park. We are not always privy to this work, nor do we control this work, but we will do our best to coordinate our work the best we can with the work that is going on in the neighborhood. 


Outside Deliveries: 

Please note that outside delivery services such as UPS, FedEx, Amazon, Uber, Lyft, Grub Hub, Door Dash, trash services, etc. will continue to make their deliveries to the area surrounding Charles Park. We do not control those providers, but we hope that they will respect the construction control (barriers and signage) along Rogers Street. If not, they will be reported to the City of Cambridge.