• In-person Public Outreach

    Our second round of in-person outreach events will be held in various locations across the County. Stay tuned for details on dates, locations, and agendas in the near future.

  • Draft Core Document and Transportation Section

    Be on the look out for the draft versions of the new Core Document and Transportation for your review and comments hopefully slated for Early Spring. Updates will be provided on milestones as they come.

  • SMS Sign Campaign

    Be on the look out for signs with unique questions popping up in your community. Simply text your answers to the phone number displayed on the sign and they will appear on the Map! For more information on the upcoming SMS Sign Campaign check out this article: https://newsroom.courbanize.com/text-me-back-how-to-boost-community-engagement-with-an-sms-sign-campaign-b265b4e9c737

  • Comprehensive Plan Outreach Website Kick-off

    Welcome to Orange County Planning Department's public outreach page for the new county-wide Comprehensive Plan!