One final thank you!

A sincere thanks for participating in the community process for the new Orange County Comprehensive Plan. Your feedback online and in person has helped shape a roadmap to make our communities even better.

We're closing the comments section on this site today. Your thoughts are being incorporated into the final documents. For further updates on this project, head to

Final Rounds of Signs and Upcoming Project Wrap Up

The 3rd and final round of coUrbanize signs are out across the western portion of the County and time is running out to give us your thoughts! With our project site wrapping on April 30th there are only 10 days left to comment on the signs or share your ideas with us on coUrbanize. We are overwhelmed by the responses so far from you all and can't say enough how much we appreciate all of your ideas for making the County we love better.

Our job isn't done yet though. All of the responses we've received are being looked over so we can incorporate them into our Core Document and Transportation sections. To keep on following us throughout the process be sure to check out . Stay tuned for our final Update post on April 30th for our anticipated timeline and more info on how to stay in tune with all of or latest project updates!

Draft Core Document and New Transportation Section Underway!

It's been a while since we've updated the site, but we haven't forgotten you! We've been busy working hard to incorporate all of your comments and suggestions so far. Here's what's in the works and what you can expect to see in the very near future:

  1. We're creating a new guiding document that will act as the Core of the Comprehensive Plan. This section will be a compact updated version of our previous Plan that will include all new graphics and maps. It will be an accessible and useful overview of the primary trends, assets and challenges of the County. It will also define the goals and strategies for how land might best be used, developed or preserved and how financial, technical and infrastructure resources might be effectively provided.
  2. Our previous plan did not provide a focus on Transportation. We're about to change that. Based on your comments and suggestions, the future of the Transportation network in the County is an important topic. We're working an all new comprehensive Transportation section to address how we can adapt our current and future network to accommodate a changing County landscape and environment.

Thank you all for keeping a close eye on the project. Stay tuned for more updates on what we're working on above, keep your comments coming in and keep your eyes open for Round 3 of the SMS sign campaign rolling out in March with the warmer weather!

The Second Round of SMS Signs are Up!

Our first round of SMS signs was a success! Thank you to all who contributed their comments. New signs are now up in the Highlands, Tuxedo, Blooming Grove, Monroe, Woodbury, Warwick and Chester areas.

There are now a total of 30 signs around the area. Keep your eyes peeled for 3 new questions about the Arts, Farms and Agriculture, and Waste Reduction strategies.

The feedback we've been receiving has been incredibly helpful in scoping the new Plan, so keep the comments coming in!

Text us your ideas!

Have you noticed these signs popping up in your area?

We've just launched an SMS sign campaign, a unique and exciting new way to help continue gathering community feedback for the new County Comprehensive Plan. Each sign has a unique phone number on it that allows you to text in your ideas and answers. The responses automatically pin to our coMap so other community members can check them out and post comments.

Be on the look out for our first round of signs around the Newburgh, New Windsor, Montgomery, and Cornwall areas. Stay tuned for more updates and info on other locations around the County that the signs will be as we move into our next phases. Let us know what you think!

Additional Questions Posted

Thank you to everyone that has posted comments so far! We appreciate how insightful and constructive the feedback we are receiving is and want to hear more.

We've added additional questions in the Comments section that need your input. We look forward to hearing your ideas for Housing, Parks & Recreation, Jobs & Economy, Sustainability & Resiliency, and Transportation & Transit.

We invite you to keep the conversation going and share this project with neighbors:

Help shape a new Orange County Comprehensive Plan!

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