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Parkside Village I is an existing affordable housing community owned by the Branford Housing Authority (BHA) and operated by Merit Properties on BHA’s behalf. Parkside Village I is home to 50 low-income households of elderly and/or disabled residents. Built in the early 1980s, the property is long overdue for major renovation. BHA and its partner, Beacon Communities, have proposed a redevelopment of this community. Planned updates include a new modern design, accessibility and mechanical repairs, crucial upgrades to safety features, and increased energy efficiency measures.

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Parkside Village – Where have we been?

In 2016, Branford Housing Authority partnered with Beacon Communities to envision a plan to restore or replace Parkside Village. The team explored several avenues, including renovation of the existing buildings and moving Parkside Village residents to other sites in Branford where new housing could be built, among other ideas. After meetings with the town, outreach to other landowners, and careful consideration of many options, it became clear that the best option was to redevelop Parkside Village at its current location.

In fall 2016, BHA and Beacon applied to the Planning & Zoning committee for their review of the proposed redevelopment. The proposal raised neighborhood concerns regarding development impact and potential design issues. BHA and Beacon withdrew the application to think more about how to address these and other concerns.

In fall 2017, BHA and Beacon submitted a revised application that takes into account community feedback and incorporates a fresh design for Parkside Village with 67 new units in a modern, accessible, energy efficient building.

The Plan — Where are we now?

Before...