Small Business and Economic Development Resources

  1. The Transformative Development Initiative (TDI) Storefront Improvement Program is a resource available to businesses in the Tyler Street TDI District. It will provide a minimum of $7,500 worth of improvements to the outside of a commercial property. The maximum amount of repairs that can be covered is $15,000. You, the business owner, is responsible for 10% of costs. So if you are seeking $7,500 in assistance, you will be responsible for $750 and the rest, the grant will cover. For more information, visit:
  2. The Pittsfield Economic Redevelopment Corporation (PERC) provides loans to small businesses that are established. I have attached applications for the loan programs to this email. To learn more about PERC, visit:
  3. Mass Growth Capital Fund has a loan program for business owners relocating the TDI district. The terms are as : 
  • 5 year term (or pay back period)
  • borrow up to $100,000
  • Contact: Robert Williams, Loan Officer | Tel: (617) 523-6262, Ext. 249| Email:

Data and Research About the TDI District

  1. Williams Coge Housing Studyz provides information on the condition of housing based indices provided through the Berkshire Planning Commission. Contains data on vacant land, housing types, and the commercial and residential mix within the Pittsfield Tyler Street Transformative Development Initiative (TDI) district.
  2. Pittsfield Transformative Development Initiative Corridor Implementation provides a comprehensive overview of the district including demographic, real estate, and primary source gather from interviews and community meetings. The study also provides a framework for commercial development as well as targeted recommendations for streetscape production.
  3. Better Block Field Manual A manual on how to host pop-events that are at the block scale to test and prototype various urban tactics.
  4.  Better Block Final Report A report of data and findings from the August 26 Better Block. The report documents the process, provides data on the outcomes, as well as concrete recommendations for the block of focus as it pertains to walkability, retail development, and permitting. The Better Block Build Plan provides a comprehensive details on how each element of the demonstration block was built.
  5. 2016 Transformative Development Initiative Report ​provides an overview of TDI, Gateway Cities, and provides key demographic data on the Gateway Cities with TDI districts across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  6. 2009 Housing Needs Analysis & Development Recommendations Westside and Morningside Neighborhoods the purpose of this study is to identify the housing needs of the Westside and Morningside neighborhoods in the City of Pittsfield.​