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Building on your ideas to make Pittsfield's Morningside neighborhood a better place to live, work, and play.
We're always looking for local partners to work with in Morningside. Do you have a business idea or know businesses/organizations we should talk to?
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Bike Lanes

Have clearly defined bike lanes would a great addition to Tyler Street. Data shows that bike lanes increases spending on the street.

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Burbank St might be an attractive bike path through the neighborhood connecting bikers to the Morningside School and Rice Silk Mill. If the path went around back of the Silk Mill and connected to Ray Crow... Read more


Urban Farm

I'd like to see an Urban Farming plot that employs and empowers local youth and sells its produce to either its own restaurant or local restaurants.

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Tyler Street Feature or Amenity Idea

A real restaurant (not a chain) would be most appreciated in the Tyler St. area!

The TDI Community is talking

As a TDI partner, Pittsfield's Department of Community Development is invested in the conversation around the revitilization of the District. Thanks to MassDevelopment for the platform, we look forward... Read more

Sharing TDI/Morningside Events

We're hoping to further promote these events to stakeholders and partners in our community. Adding them to our Berkshire Bridges site and soon-to-be published facebook page! workingcitiespittsfield.org

Welcome to the Pittsfield TDI!

Thank you for taking time to provide input. Please share your thoughts, ideas, events, and resources with us.

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Thanks to all those who dropped by the TDI Living at the Discover Tyler Street festival. The following are responses we received to the question, "what projects or types of development would you like... Read more


A library of things - as an extension of the Athenaeum in this area?

I have been in touch with Alex at the Athenaeum and he has begun to work on this idea - a library of things - a place were people can borrow tools, lawn-mowers, tents, etc etc, anything one does not often... Read more

painted crosswalks

follow up to conversation with Sika. The proposal is to paint various crosswalks on Tyler St. This project has been successfully implemented in other cities, the closest being N Adams. https://www.google.com/search?q=downstreet+art+painted+crosswalks&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiKrIqy-NjPAhWFVD4KHVydDJAQsAQIKg&biw=1012&bih=470... Read more

Open House

A thank you from the TDI Partnership to residents and friends who attended the TDI Open House on September 26th, and provided their comments and ideas.


Long-term Community gardens with a focus on edible perennials. 1) Low-cost start up 2) little necessary upkeep 3) nutritious food in an area without a walk distance grocer 4) save the bees! 5) possible... Read more

Advancing the TDI District

The revitalization of Tyler Street and the Morningside neighborhood not only demonstrates a collaborative commitment to preserving those intrinsic qualities that have served the area well, but it... Read more

Great to see additional TDI visibility

I look forward to programs developed to encourage commercial and residential revitalization, as well as business development.  This is an important step in bringing other platforms online to... Read more

Working Cities Wednesday: September 28 - OPEN meeting

The Working Cities-Berkshire Bridges Initiative meetings the 4th Wednesday of each month at 5:30 pm. The location is the Family Resource Center, 2nd floor of Berkshire Children & Families at 480 West... Read more

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