At the core of what what we have always tried to accomplish is bringing people together through the built environment.

Shopping centers are a destination were where people connected and we want to continue to sense that connection in the new development with the creation of a distinctive outdoor space, framed by the mixity of the new buildings, and animated by events throughout the year.

Local services will be walking distance from the residences where they will be able to pick up fresh produce after work or hangout with friends on one of the patios at a restaurant around the corner.

The units being designed will have deep balconies and large fenestration, offering more usable space and ideally enhancing the quality of life of the residents residing there.

The transformation of the parking lot and its 900 surface parking spaces into a mixed use development for people to gather not only reduces our heat island footprint but encourages public transportation and well-being with the use of the REM and being surrounded by restaurants, services and shops.

The heart of the project: A lively public square for the community to enjoy

Designed by Claude Cormier, the plaza is the piece de resistance of the development, connecting old and new, creating a place for citizens to just be. The plaza, and surrounding area, will be open the community year-round with the vision of it being an urban ecosystem for all to enjoy.

Read your favourite book under the tree canopy to the sound of the water feature, walk your dog, or spend the afternoon embracing the hustle and bustle while a local artist plays guitar, the plaza has been curated to be a place of assemblage for all the embrace.


The size of a football field, the plaza aims to be a place of assembly amongst nature. The 40 various native species of trees (alongside the other 48 other trees to be planted on... Read more...