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What's in the Works

Twining Properties will transform this long-neglected stretch of waterfront into New Rochelle's new waterfront place, Pratt Landing. Since developing the Design Guidelines through a series of community meetings since 2017, Twining has created a vision for Pratt Landing which will:

Create a waterfront place: new streets connecting Main Street to the waterfront form a small town center lined with shops, restaurants and homes where everyone can come to enjoy the water’s edge.

Link New Rochelle's parks: a new City-owned park with a waterfront promenade will connect the busy streets of Downtown New Rochelle to the waterfront and the Echo Bay parks to one another, providing places for people to walk, bike and relax right on the water’s edge.

Design beautiful streets: we want to expand the rich urban fabric of streets, open spaces and varied architecture that New Rochelle and Westchester County are known for around the country.

Be green: we aim to create a sustainable environment by recycling a brownfield site into a model for new green thinking in Westchester County.

What's There Now

This portion of the Boston Post Road is lined on one side with car dealerships, abandoned industrial sites, fast food, and parking for dump trucks, and on the other side with a vibrant retail and residential community. Just driving or walking by, you would never know the water is right there, and that this community and New Rochelle's downtown are so close to the Long Island Sound.

For example,...